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Earthing and Joining of enclosure/cabinet panels – a quick and easy DIRAK solution

DIRAK cage nut from FDB Panel Fittings

The task of joining metal panels while creating an earth point is made easier with the DIRAK grounding cage nut from FDB Panel Fittings which is designed especially for use in electronic equipment, 19” racks, server cabinets and similar.

It enables quick, simple joining of panels and creates a stable grounding screw point. Manual insertion of the polyamide cage nut is achieved through pre-punched holes and a tight join is ensured with high pressure teeth which break the panel coating.

The grounding cage nut (M6) may be included in its square cutout from front or rear without damage to the frame. Screw tightening from 3 to 8 Nm is achievable with a clamping range of from 1.0 to 4.0mm sheet thickness. An installation and operation video of the grounding cage nut can be viewed at www.fdb.co.uk/grounding-cage-nut.