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Home New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

FDB F100 vibration isolator mounting

When vibrating machines are mounted they often require the vibration to be damped out for the benefit of personnel or adjacent equipment. Likewise, delicate machines and instruments require to be isolated from external vibration – the Harter F100 damper does this.

These F100 series mounting dampers allow the interposition of rubber spring elements configured as flexible mounting blocks. The F100 offers soft, medium and hard grades of SBR (Buna Styrol Butadien) contained in either AISi 1.0 Mg or AIMg Si 1 housings. These accommodate individual loads from 100kp to 500kp where many separate dampening units may be arranged to spread the load while ensuring appropriate isolation.

F100 units are designed for easy mounting with a two bolt base fixing and central bolt attachment to the rubber damping core.

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