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Panel fasteners and joiners now available Online with D-SNAP technology

FDB – D-SNAP fasteners

The innovative D-SNAP tool-less fastening technology has been specially developed by DIRAK and is now available from our Online store. Joining components with SNAP technology are intended for specialist panel building installations to suit demanding industrial environments, in order to make the assembly/installation process simple. By eliminating the need for tools, DST products can be easily inserted into sheet metal panels and enclosures using pre-punched location holes to connect sheets securely together.

DST products are available ex-stock for urgent delivery across our range which includes fasteners for two metal sheets, single or double fasteners, fasteners that can be disassembled from the outside and/or the inside, and cage nuts to facilitate screw fixing of equipment to the enclosure frame.

DST joiners are complimented with a full choice of hinges, swinghandles, locks and handles using the same D-SNAP technology with the same hole configurations – enabling whole enclosures to be pre-fabricated and assembled on-site – and readily disassembled.