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Customers continue to find our Knowledge Base guides a source of valuable information about Locks, Hinges, Seals and Gaskets, Continuous Hinges, Multi-point Locking, Swinghandles, Compression Locks, D-Snap Technology and Gas Struts.

So for those occasional moments or to check out before you specify your next enclosure hardware why not have a quick browse?

A selection of Hinges from FDB Panel FittingsWe are delighted to now have even more hinges in stock than ever before including : friction hinges, polyamide hinges, concealed hinges, lift off hinges, Snapline hinges, butt/leaf hinges, continuous hinges and surface mounted hinges. Also of course we now have many of these available from our online store where we currently have 91 types on offer and more coming online soon – in addition we have a team of people here who would be delighted to assist you in choosing a hinge that suits your application and budget.

A selection of Hinges from FDB Panel FittingsOur catalogue Hinge section includes a good selection of internal concealed hinges, flush hinges and butt hinges – straight, cranked and offset. Traditional bullet and continuous piano hinges feature as do sophisticated architectural and very simple pin hinges. Materials vary from zinc diecast and brass through mild steel and stainless steel to reinforced polyamide engineering plastic. Some are adjustable or in special materials e.g. titanium, finishes such as nickel and chrome feature where appropriate. 

So when you have used the new hinge calculator hinge calculator toolthen do have a look here at the kind of hinge you need – if you can’t see the exact right item then contact us as we have many other special order and custom styles to consider.

Continuous hinges knowledge base guide from FDB Panel FittingsOur latest Knowledge Base downloadable document covers specification of continuous hinges, taking into consideration the 6 main factors – beginning with material and ending with “open” or “close” style. It is intended to assist design engineers in selecting the most suitable continuous hinge for your application whether in specialist panels, personal access doors, equipment access panels or as structural components in portable equipment. The data sheet may be accessed at

Often known as piano hinges, the traditional style continuous hinge may be fitted by welding, riveting or screwing to the frame and door for self-aligning operation.

Our “One Stop for Panel Components”

8 August 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have far exceeded a 3000 plus inventory of specialist industrial access hardware for electrical enclosures, cabinets, electronic racks, control panels, HVAC equipment, lockers/furniture, amusement machines, retail displays, telephone and vehicle security. Our Panel Fittings range now features locks of many types from quarter-turn through compression locks/latches and combination to pin tumbler, […]

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An exceptional hinge range……

26 January 2012

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we offer an unrivalled range of quality hinges for all industrial applications – this includes internal hinges and external hinges – for weld-on or bolt-on fitting – as well as hinges for cabinets, panels and enclosures we now offer an extensive selection of architectural types for applications through from domestic to […]

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10 November 2011

The Phoenix range of architectural hinges now available from ourselves at FDB Panel Fittings offers a varied approach to hinging of pedestrian access doors with a range of safety and security features such as anti-ligature radiuses, hinge leaf cover plates, built-in dog bolts and flush welded hinge pins. Security pinned hinges and concealed wire conductor hinges […]

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Panel fittings range for cabinets and furniture

14 October 2011

Focusing on cabinet and furniture hardware under the “Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure” banner we have recently launched a new range of high quality fittings designed for areas where style and robust use are key to the situation. This would include retail/service environments, corporate offices, high quality equipment and public access facilities such as banks, libraries […]

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New range of hinges and door furniture

6 October 2011

Over the years we like to think that we have created a specialist niche in the world of cabinets and enclosures – so that we are pleased to welcome this range of continuous piano hinges ranging from 0.7mm thick for light cabinet use with a range of types up to 5mm thick heavy duty hinges for […]

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FDB Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure

20 September 2011

Welcome to our news blog – covering the range and use of FDB Panel Fittings for industries including manufacturing, industrial, electrical, controls, electronics, telecommunications, marine and many more – infact ” for every enclosure “. For your convenience please use the tags below to find further information. Share the post “FDB Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure” […]

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