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Vandal resistant swinghandle – IP65

FDB IP65 security swinghandlesWe are pleased to be able to provide greater security swinghandles for electrical/electronic/telco cabinets – these IP65 swinghandles are especially designed for applications where security is a significant concern, specifically in situations where cabinets are exposed and accessible to the general public and for outdoor installations exposed to the weather where IP65 dust/water sealing is important.

They feature electro-mechanical operation with anti-vandal design features and reinforced construction such that they comply with the European DIN V ENV 1630 Class II standard security test. This standard relates to the resistance level of doors against force using tools of class WK2, e.g. screwdrivers, pliers and wedges. Two versions are available, one with single lock cylinder and the other with dual cylinders to permit opening with either one of two keys.

Operation requires a power supply to the swinghandle or mechanical activation which may be provided under control of an existing central access management system, so enabling maintenance of an event log and update of access protocols. An LED indicates when the handle is ready to be opened and stays in that condition for 20 seconds with locked/unlocked status displayed on the LED.

Mechanical anti-vandal features include: exceptionally fine gaps/tolerances to prevent insertion of tools, reinforced edges, additional latch bolt, reinforced dust cover and availability of specialist 40 and 45mm profile lock cylinders.