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We are continuously adding to our range of quarter turn locks and latches

Panel Fittings and accessories for every enclosure from FDB

As panel fitting specialists to the enclosure and cabinet industries one of our core foci is the area of standard quarter turn locks and latches – including compression variants from our leading international  sales partners such as DIRAK – coupled with EMKA, PINET, Western Body Hardware, Gold and Wassall along with Lowe & Fletcher. These market leaders each have their own take on product design and offer quite different styles of product which can suit varying cabinet constructions and differing installations.

Our strength is that we carry our own stock from all of them and have quick access to factory stock – PLUS we are in a position to work with our customers to establish which will suit each application the best and offer the optimum performance/price solution. Taken together with our Rocfast assembly and logistics service we think you will agree that FDB Panel Fittings is the way to go for your quarter turn fasteners online.