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Home New Articulated feet for industrial and office equipment

New Articulated feet for industrial and office equipment

New Articulated feet from FDB Panel Fittings for industrial and office equipment

The team here at FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to announce an innovative new series of leveling feet from Dirak for machines, instruments, conveyor systems, work tables, furniture, and fluid process equipment. They feature flexible modular design with standard hexagonal screw and optional anti-slip insert which also absorbs vibrations and protects the floor against abrasion.

These new leveling feet offer equipment installers a functional and flexible design using standard hex headed metric screws, this design makes it possible for customers to select the height of their installation on site by use of a standard hexagon screw to DIN 933/ISO 4017. This advanced innovation not only simplifies and improves storage capacity, but also enables a wide range of variants – with just one product.

These Leveling Feet are available in sizes from 30mm to 83mm to suit hex headed screws of M6/M8/M10/M12/M16/M20 and come with a non-slip foot insert for use on otherwise slippery floors. Typically, they find appication on uneven floors when attempting to set up machines or furniture precisely. To use only one version of leveling foot would offer limited adjustment possibilities so in order to achieve exact results, different height screws are often required – this is a situation easily remedied with different length standard bolts.

The all-new design uses a larger than normal ball that increases the area of contact between the components of the Leveling Foot, and thus the force that can be absorbed by the product. The force is directed downward, not to the sides, thanks to a unique design of the base plate—protecting the plate from breaking due to horizonal load.

A feature of this new design is that the base plate of these articulated feet can be designed smaller relative to the load. This space-saving method makes it possible to mount the Leveling Foot closer to the edge of equipment, which is especially advantageous for housings that stand next to each other.