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Together with our sales partner DIRAK we have recently introduced an upmarket, rugged, recessed handle with clean design style. The DST handle offers extra-secure retention with IP65 sealing for large manual equipment.

This new handle features tool-less installation with D-Snap technology and deep hand grip. The unusual IP65 sealing means that the DST can be used in outdoor applications.

As panel fitting specialists to the enclosure and cabinet industries one of our core foci is the area of standard quarter turn locks and latches – including compression variants from our leading international  sales partners such as DIRAK – coupled with EMKA, PINET, Western Body Hardware, Gold and Wassall along with Lowe & Fletcher. These market leaders each have their own take on product design and offer quite different styles of product which can suit varying cabinet constructions and differing installations.

Our strength is that we carry our own stock from all of them and have quick access to factory stock – PLUS we are in a position to work with our customers to establish which will suit each application the best and offer the optimum performance/price solution. Taken together with our Rocfast assembly and logistics service we think you will agree that FDB Panel Fittings is the way to go for your quarter turn fasteners online.

The specialist team at DIRAK have recently launched their new 180° stainless steel hinge for specialist cabinets where corrosion-resistance and robust service performance are defined requirements.

The new screw-on hinge in AISI 303 features integral M5 threads for internal screw fixing which both speeds up installation and enhances security.

Designed to fit industry standard 20mm surface-mounted door returns, this lift-off hinge will open to 180° for adjacent cabinets and 270° for single installations.

Door stays Online


It is easy to overlook the need for cover stays, wind Stops, telescopic stays and associated accessories – which is why we here at FDB Panel Fittings have thought of them for you – our Online selection includes steel and stainless steel to keep doors and covers propped open – to enable installers and service engineers to work safely where gravity or windy conditions are a problem.

New DIRAK 3-point Cam Adapter for large cabinets

24 April 2020

We are now able to offer the new 3-point zinc-die rod adapter from our sales partner DIRAK. This adapter enables a quick, low-cost solution to multi-point locking with centre-cam and double-rod mechanism for larger cabinets using UK traditional round rods with circlip retention. Multi-point closure enhances sealing and security by assisting gasket pull-down and resisting […]

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Channel fitting or self-adhesive gasket?

17 April 2020

In the world of small enclosures, wall fitting boxes and similar there is little space and little fitting time so gasket profiles which slot in or stick on are often the first choice – they are time proven solutions to simple sealing requirements and are available ex-stock on quick delivery from our Online store in […]

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New DIRAK Swinghandle Cam Mounting

9 April 2020

The new DIRAK Swinghandle system has been enhanced with the introduction of their 3-440 Bearing Plate RS bases. These intermediary mounting accessories enable use of swinghandles with a single point polyamide latching cam or alternatively with standard cam and multi-point rod locking if required. Installation is quick and simple with initial clip attachment to the […]

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FDB Panel Fittings to your door – to your installation location

3 April 2020

Under the present circumstances we are happy to be able to offer our Rocfast “home delivery” service – a complete specification and logistics package that saves time, money and mistakes by guiding our customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide. This Rocfast program focuses […]

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30 March 2020

Over the last few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in the way we work and how we live. With this in mind we at FDB Electrical & FDB Panel Fittings  are still open for business and providing all our customers with the service they require. We are working extremely hard to maintain normal […]

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DIRAK new IP65 swinghandle for flat rod closure systems

19 March 2020

The new DIRAK 3-149 swinghandle is a low-profile IP65 locking handle which facilitates fitment of flat rod multi-point closure systems. This swinghandle/flat rod approach especially suits larger door cabinets which need the additional rigidity which they can offer to the door structure in its closed condition, thus aiding sealing and security. These flat rod systems […]

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