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The standard DIRAK compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings is now also available in black to pair with black hinges and other enclosure hardware. The black finish with white insert markings offers a particularly clear indication of the latch position.

This IP65/67 latch offers a full 6mm of compression to ensure good gasket pull down along with excellent vibration resistance to prevent nuisance opening. It is useful especially on vehicles and machine controls where vibration is problematic.

Square & Triangle inserts (8mm) are standard & 3mm & 5mm Double Bit inserts. The 1-078 set height version is supplemented by the 1-079 option with a threaded square shaft to accept an adjustable cam accessory which permits depth variation of from 17mm to 73mm without the use of tools.

Stainless steel compression latchesCompression locks and latches are gaining in popularity for their enhanced IP security and their vibration resistance, which makes them suitable for use on specialist vehicles and railway rolling stock, as well as achieving greater gasket pull down performance. Compression locks and latches come in a variety of formats including industry standard quarter turn and recessed lever designs – given their focus on high degrees of sealing and the likely environmental application  many compression latch locks are required in stainless steel – such as for use on hygiene/wash down equipment where the whole design concept is centred around high levels of functionality. See our Online store for ex-stock ordering and rapid delivery.

FDB IP65 low profile latch in stainless steelIn our role as cabinet hardware specialists, we are increasingly being asked to supply stainless steel locks and latches for external vibration prone applications – so we are delighted to have available an attractive low profile latch in stainless steel that is ideal for access panels and doors on mobile plant, static and moving machinery, mobile generators, vehicles, HVAC units, floor access maintenance panels and specialised installations such as wind turbines.

This low profile (just 3.5mm) quarter-turn latch in AISI 303 stainless steel features IP65 sealing with a spring loaded key shutter and is suited to RH or LH installation. Standard key is 6mm square format with other types available. Fitment is by industry standard 20mm rounded square cutout with the facility to insert the lock/cam assembly through the cutout.

Key-operated compression locks from FDB Panel FittingsOur new key-operated compression lock series offers the unusual format of key operation in a compression latch, thus providing added security of a key lock over the conventional tool compatible insert. We expect applications to include vehicles, genset packs, railway rolling stock etc.

This new lock design, intended for use with gasketed doors provides 6mm of compression to make a firm seal. It is water-resistant, fully adjustable and is mounted within an industry-standard rounded square hole – a straight latch cam is standard, with a full range of other cams available.

The latch features very positive engagement, being both water-resistant and adjustable. The key brings the latch bar into its ‘closed’ position, then draws up the bar by 6mm against the seal. This is achieved as the key turns clockwise through 90 degrees to operate the latch, then through a further quarter-turn to compress against the door edge or striker. The latch bar depth is adjustable through 11mm and the unit is installed via an industry-standard 4-sided aperture with brass nut and stainless spring washer on a threaded body with neoprene gasket. The latch bar is secured by nut and locknut on a threaded spigot enabling 1mm of depth adjustment. ‘FT’ keys are supplied with shuttered keyway for added protection as standard. The lock body is chromium-plated as standard or optionally black powder-coated. A variety of alternative latch bars are available as are special key numbers.

Inset T handle latch

31 August 2012

This novel T handle latch addresses the need for an inset/flush locking system in situations such as truck or railway rolling stock side panels where vibration is also a significant problem, also including storage compartments on buses, coaches, commercial vehicles, gensets, machinery and equipment cabins. Commonly referred to as a “Trap-door” latch the unit is flush […]

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Panel Fittings for Special Vehicles

26 July 2012

For Special Purpose Vehicles such as fire fighting trucks, ambulances, police riot control vehicles, refuse trucks etc, there are many special requirements which we are able to take into account with this specialist range of hardware. These requirements begin with a high degree of vibration and vandalism resistance, coupled with some quite specific standards and […]

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Electronics packaging hardware makes it quick and easy

13 December 2011

  It has come to our attention that assembly of cabinets for electronic equipment can be a significant bottleneck in the production and installation process for specialist panel builders – with consequent downstream effects on productivity. Normally the idea of reducing time might also involve reducing quality in some way, but the solution was found in D-SNAP® […]

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Quick and smooth IP65 compression latch

29 November 2011

Our roller action Snap-Line® compression latch is believed to be a significant advance in compression lock technology. Combining as it does quick snap-in design and planetary roller cam motion which enables soft compression of door gaskets from 10mm to 20mm, this new half-turn IP65 latch is expected to find favour with designers, manufacturers and installers of […]

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Snap-in low profile swinghandle

14 October 2011

The market for most products is truly global these days – so it is that this SNAP-LINE flat swinghandle originally designed for a US requirement is now available with many advantages for UK specialist panel builders. This small, low profile swinghandle is ideal for enclosures and control panels where its “no-tools” snap-in fitment and resistance […]

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Low profile IP65 compression latch

14 October 2011

Our recently introduced  IP65 1071 compression latch is especially compact – offering an unusually low profile of only 22mm in its open condition and yet providing 3mm of compression, thus enabling the benefits of compression lock technology to be achieved in situations where space is at a premium – such as vehicle applications or where […]

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