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In the world of small enclosures, wall fitting boxes and similar there is little space and little fitting time so gasket profiles which slot in or stick on are often the first choice – they are time proven solutions to simple sealing requirements and are available ex-stock on quick delivery from our Online store in a variety of sizes. Generally speaking the push in type is a close fit into a channel on the door ( but could be on the frame) and seals onto a flat face while the self adhesive closed cell foam self adhesive foam from FDBsection is usually located on the inside of the door so that it seals onto a lip formed in the body/frame of the enclosure giving it the benefit of being protected by the lip of the door. Both are excellent solutions for many industrial situations.

Whatever your specialist panel needs in 2020 checkout our Online shop for Quality Products and Quality Service in enclosure hardware and Earthline protection or monitoring. Here we have an ex-stock range of Locks and Lock components, Hinges, Handles, Sealing, Rods, Stays, Keys, Fasteners and Joiners, Stainless Steel and miscellaneous accessories as well as Electrical Protection products as Enclosed Units or as Panel Mounting Components.Earth line protection devices from FDB Electrical


Sealing of enclosures or cabinet doors is made simple with our range of clip-fit, push-fit and self-adhesive sections. These specialist profiles in EPDM, NBR, neoprene and PVC offer a quickly installed solution to maintaining good IP protection for panel builders, equipment manufacturers and vehicle constructors.

Clip-on hollow section gaskets enable inexpensive and effective protection from dust and water to be achieved with the simple expedient of pushing the section onto the frame profile or inner door edge. Construction is of EPDM or NBR (oil resistant) bonded onto a spring steel spine.

Sizes of FDB sealing strips range from 8mm to 13mm width sections and are available tested to UL standards – UL 94 HB. 50m coils are listed at the FDB Online store for ex-stock same-day despatch.

Other sections are designed to be retained within channels or for self-adhesion to painted surfaces, while edge protectors and window profiles with expanding filter sections enable simple edge covering and window installations for inspection of machine settings and processes.

Where electromagnetic compatibility is necessary variants are available to combine EMC with dust and water sealing.

Alongside these sections we have issued a Knowledge Base data sheet to make selection of seals and gaskets easier. This downloadable document (available at covers the standard styles of self-gripping seals, edge protection and rectangular section gaskets. Additional information is provided on window seals, channel seals and round profiles, together with tabulated performance data for typical materials.

Talk to us about your custom sealing requirements or about enclosure kits of locks, hinges, gasket in our Rocfast service.


Window gaskets and sections in EPDM for sealing enclosure doors

7 September 2018

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Ex-stock gasket sealing profiles

9 June 2018

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Window seals for specialist cabinets, vehicles and machinery

30 March 2018

For situations where it is necessary to view equipment inside a door or to look out of a vehicle, while maintaining a good level of sealing we offer window gasket in both quick fit Z profile section ( for 4.5 and 6.5 mm window panes ) as well as the rounded finish gasket with filler […]

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Clip-on sealing profiles for specialist panels

1 November 2017

EPDM and NBR extruded sealing profiles provide enclosure gasket solutions for specialist panel builders. These clip-on hollow sections enable quick and effective protection from dust and water to be achieved with the simple expedient of pushing the section onto the frame profile or inner door edge. Construction is of EPDM or NBR (oil resistant) bonded […]

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Self adhesive foam gasket

6 October 2017

Neoprene closed cell foam tapes form a simple and effective gasket seal on specialist enclosures or cabinets where they are easily applied by virtue of their non stretch self adhesive backing. They are available from our Online store in sizes from 10mm x 3 mm up to 20mm x 5 mm. We also have a […]

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