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It is easy to overlook the need for cover stays, wind Stops, telescopic stays and associated accessories – which is why we here at FDB Panel Fittings have thought of them for you – our Online selection includes steel and stainless steel to keep doors and covers propped open – to enable installers and service engineers to work safely where gravity or windy conditions are a problem.

Small, long, right, left – from a simple eyelet device to an all singing and dancing wind stop with auto lock/release – in steel or stainless steel – we have an excellent range for urgent delivery at our Online store where you will also find all the other hardware you might need for a specialist enclosure to suit indoor or outdoor environments.

It is interesting just how many types of door and panel stays are called for in the specialist enclosure industry – for example we have adjustable, telescopic, stainless steel, vibration proof, wind stop, cover stays and eyelet cable restrictors all available at our Online store. Sizes vary from 100mm to 710mm and materials are steel and in stainless steel.

A parallel range of gas struts is available to order and further information can be viewed at our Knowledge base here.

Mounting can be at the top of a door or at the base – for horizontal lids mounting is at the sides. Stays with positive stops are used where the door is to be held open for an extended period while work is carried out – whereas a simple extension stop is useful for doors in windy conditions or to restrict the momentum of heavy doors so that they do not damage their hinges or adjacent panels.


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Featuring a wide range of products from FDB Panel Fittings, we have designed our online store to provide you with a speedy means of viewing, selecting and purchasing all your enclosure and cabinet panel fittings requirements:



However help is always available if required, via the on-line “contact us” button or if you would prefer, by ‘phone or email.

Most items are generally ex-stock subject to quantity and prior sales.

Specials and certain non-stock items are marked accordingly.

Doors and covers stay open

20 October 2016

It can be surprising sometimes just how many variants of a simple design are available – take the humble cover or door stay for example – we have in stock adjustable ones, telescopic ones, vibration proof types and wind stops – oh and steel or stainless steel. So whether for convenience or for health and […]

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Miscellaneous really useful bits of panel fitting hardware

16 January 2015

While putting together our Online store it was interesting to notice how many really useful miscellaneous items we have in our catalogue and because it is a section that is rarely viewed we thought it worthwhile to pay it a little attention in our blog – in the hope that it will help customers to […]

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Adjustable Stainless Steel Multi-Angle Lid and Door Stay

3 September 2014

We are pleased to have a new adjustable multi-angle lid and door stay – ref 24-7-3580  available in stainless steel. This is a valuable new accessory and joins our  already wide range of stainless steel enclosure and cabinet hardware fittings. The AISI 304 stainless steel adjustable stay enables locking of a lid or door in multiple positions by use […]

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Telescopic Stays, Door Stops and Wind Stays

23 March 2014

We are delighted to have an excellent selection of Telescopic stays which are available in various configurations for safety location of hinged covers, desk leaves, door stops etc. Automatic locking/release options are available as are simple elbow types. We also have specialist wind stops available in zinc plated steel and stainless steel. Share the post “Telescopic Stays, Door […]

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New Gas Struts Knowledge Base Guide Available

15 November 2013

“I have a tail gate, machine guard, skylight, cabinet door etc. that needs supporting/lifting/counterbalancing – how can you help?” A common enough enquiry experienced byour experts here at FDB Panel Fittings, so we are delighted to now have available a Gas Struts Knowledge Base Guide to address this situation with information on applications, operation, key […]

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IP65 tunnel safety systems

14 October 2011

As market-leading panel fittings specialists we have taken a particular focus on an IP65 range of products for the tunnel/traffic control environment, where safety and reliability are of course paramount and primarily involves the use of high quality stainless steel ¼ turn locks, swinghandles and hinges with matching grade gaskets. In contrast to other types of […]

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