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Stays for doors, panels, hatches counter wind and weight

FDB telescopic stays for enclosure doors

It is interesting just how many types of door and panel stays are called for in the specialist enclosure industry – for example we have adjustable, telescopic, stainless steel, vibration proof, wind stop, cover stays and eyelet cable restrictors all available at our Online store. Sizes vary from 100mm to 710mm and materials are steel and in stainless steel.

A parallel range of gas struts is available to order and further information can be viewed at our Knowledge base here.

Mounting can be at the top of a door or at the base – for horizontal lids mounting is at the sides. Stays with positive stops are used where the door is to be held open for an extended period while work is carried out – whereas a simple extension stop is useful for doors in windy conditions or to restrict the momentum of heavy doors so that they do not damage their hinges or adjacent panels.