stainless steel hinges

We are delighted to have recently launched a new DIRAK stainless steel hinge which offers increased protection against unauthorised access due to its specific design and construction. This especially robust 180° hinge with interlocking leaves features welded-in-place, non-removable hinge pins and welded mounting studs which are not accessible from the outside of the cabinet – so providing greater security when used in outdoor/public areas, e.g. for communications or public services.

The surface mounting style of these hinges ensures they are suitable for nested doors in side-by-side situations. They are available in sizes of 40×42, 50×50 and 60×63 mm with polished finish.

The specialist team at DIRAK have recently launched their new 180° stainless steel hinge for specialist cabinets where corrosion-resistance and robust service performance are defined requirements.

The new screw-on hinge in AISI 303 features integral M5 threads for internal screw fixing which both speeds up installation and enhances security.

Designed to fit industry standard 20mm surface-mounted door returns, this lift-off hinge will open to 180° for adjacent cabinets and 270° for single installations.

We are delighted that over many years we have accumulated a wide range of ex-stock stainless steel hinges to accommodate the many types of cabinet that may be demanded of  specialist builders for light industrial purposes – in offices or on a workshop or warehouse floor.

Stainless steel panel hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

These range from weld on bullet hinges and simple lift off removable pin types to sophisticated parallelogram and friction torque designs.

Once highly expensive to specify (even made to order) stainless steel hinges are now much more commonly used for their robust reliability and corrosion resistance and are available ex-stock for urgent delivery from our Online store.

We recently launched new 125° opening hinges from PINET in stainless steel and aluminium construction for industrial/office/domestic enclosures, cabinets and cupboards where their parallel link design offers a comfortable feel. Available in 2 versions – 3639 with pins in 430 stainless steel and the 3640 variant with 304 Cu stainless pins.

Their 125° opening ensures easy access even with narrow door openings, thus allowing materials and equipment to be easily installed internally or removed for service or upgrades.

These hinges are designed for nested or surface-mounted doors either LH or RH and with horizontal or vertical orientation. The optimum opening angle of 125° is achieved with 2mm doors and reduces to 100° with 13mm thickness.

New PINET 90° stainless steel concealed hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

29 November 2019

New from our Online store are the PINET 90° opening stainless steel and steel hinges for concealed installation – with two options available, the 3520 with pins and links in 430 stainless and the 3625 in 316L stainless. The new design offers tough corrosion-resistant parallel link functionality for nested or surface-mount doors – LH or […]

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Stainless steel – hygiene to hinges, locks to flap handles

29 September 2019

Stainless steel hardware fittings for enclosures and cabinets are one of our busiest lines as people are looking for better quality, greater robustness and specifically hygiene designed products for wash-down and corrosion susceptible areas. We are delighted to have stocks of these items for rapid delivery with many others available on fast order turn around […]

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Stainless steel hinges at our Online store

11 April 2019

We are delighted to have a full range of stainless steel hinges for specialist enclosures available at our Online store – we have seen a gradual increase in requirements for stainless hinges for many years as applications and the corresponding specifications become more demanding. FDB Panel Fittings have responded to this trend with lift-off, butt […]

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Clean by design AISI 316 stainless steel 180° panel hinges

24 January 2019

These beautifully designed AISI 316 stainless steel 180° hinges provide secure rear mounted installation along with an easy clean dirt resistant style. Their AISI 316 construction further ensures a high degree of resistance to weather, corrosion and chemicals. The rugged design and construction of these 180° lift-off hinges means they can be used in the […]

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We are pleased to announce specialist hinges from our online shop

28 December 2018

A hinge by any other name is not quite what one may expect – as it turns out. We are delighted that our online shop now includes a selection of spring hinges, friction hinges and torque hinges for the many and extensive specialist enclosures and panels used in industrial and office furniture applications. Spring hinges […]

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A host of hinges for your specialist panel

1 February 2018

We love hinges here at “Panel Fittings” so we have pages and pages of them at our Online store in many types and styles; including lift-off, screw-on, weld-on, surface mounted, concealed, continuous and butt hinges. Available in zinc die, polyamide, steel and stainless steel according to specification.     Then we have a couple of Knowledge […]

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