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Our latest offering is a very helpful spring loaded lock cam from sales partners DIRAK. The 7-076 tab provides a secure spring loaded slam function so that doors and covers may be simply shut closed and locked in one simple operation. The slam cam is especially useful for self-closing doors and covers, ensuring that security is maintained when the operator leaves.

This slam cam fits existing quarter-turn locks or similar and can be used in conjunction with cylinder locks, as well as inserts. This means it is only possible to open the door with a key or insert tool. The lock is then reset so that when the door is slammed shut the mechanism is re-activated in a locked condition.

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IP65 1/4 turn spanner lockWe are delighted that our online shop includes a wide range of locks and components such as 1/4 turns, slam latches, combination locks, inserts, cylinders, tabs/cams, O rings, various length bodies in black and chrome, budget locks and earthing washers.

Latch and Hinge Technology for Industrial Use from FDB Panel FittingsAdditional guidance is available free in the form of a booklet on “Latch and Hinge Technology” – contact us for your free copy.

FDB Panel Fittings D-SNAP technology knowledge base guideOur latest Knowledge Base guide covers the innovative D-Snap technology employed in the SNAPLINE range of enclosure hardware. For design and production engineers looking to save up to 90% of assembly time in installation of enclosure fittings, D-Snap technology provides one very effective, easily implemented and robust solution.

This downloadable guide covers an explanation of the technology with a description of the major product types available, e.g. panel joiners, hinges, locks, handles, swinghandles, compression latches, 19” panel retainers, finger pulls etc. It is expected that the FDB KB07 guide will be of value in describing the way this system can be used to save time for cabinet builders in the workshop or for installers working on-site. The guide comes with links to videos demonstrating how this modern system can be simply employed in custom enclosures and cabinet construction and can be downloaded at Videos showing the operation of SNAPLINE components can also be viewed at


Special offers – we love them but we don’t often get to say much about cheap locks because we are generally focused on quality and specification – which means that our very special offers page can get overlooked – so let us put that right and refer to the great savings that can be made from the locks and handles presently on offer at low, low prices.

low cost spanner locks from FDBFDB low cost flush handleFDB Diecast Grab HandleCoin-Operated Lock C/w Cam from FDBSliding Door Lock Chrome C/w 2 Keys from FDBFDB Chrome Slamlock C/w 2 Keys + StrikeLever Handle from FDBFDB Padlockable Latch Lock, Chrome C/w CAM

We have quarter turn spanner locks for 99p each, flush handle locks for £2.45, diecast grab handles for 75p, coin operated locks at 95p, sliding door locks for 95p, slamlocks at £1.20, lever handles at £1.50 and padlockable latch locks at 95p.

So for terrific prices with ex-stock delivery call our helpful sales desk staff to order now!

New Lock and Cam Assembly Guides

10 June 2013

Forming part of our Rocfast assembly service, we have recently published the first in our Knowledge Base series of helpful guides. The Lock Assembly Guide has been designed to explain in simple steps, with easily understood diagrams and reference tables, how to select the correct product code of housing, insert and cam to suit individual […]

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FIAT Key IP65 ¼ Turn Spanner Lock

22 May 2013

We are delighted to now offer an IP65 quarter-turn spanner lock that can only be opened by use of a special non-standard key. This specialist lock is provided with a FIAT insert making it ideal for situations where a conventional lock could be easily opened by unauthorised persons using readily available keys or simple tools. Typically […]

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IP 65 1/4 turn locks with integral finger pull handle

12 February 2013

Our novel Giussani NRM series of IP65 quarter-turn locks are not only super quick to fit because of their Box Rapid spring fixing, they are also comfortable and easy to operate with an integral finger pull design. The NRM may be equipped with any of a wide range of insert types. Construction is in polyamide with […]

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Smooth locking with FDB!

13 September 2012

In a nice touch of detail design we can make operation of many cabinet locks really much smoother with this Slide Shoe for cams. This simple 2-part plastic shoe fits easily over many standard lock cams for single quarter turn locks and multi-point locking systems, thus maximising gasket pull-down while minimising the scraping effect on a cabinet […]

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Our “One Stop for Panel Components”

8 August 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have far exceeded a 3000 plus inventory of specialist industrial access hardware for electrical enclosures, cabinets, electronic racks, control panels, HVAC equipment, lockers/furniture, amusement machines, retail displays, telephone and vehicle security. Our Panel Fittings range now features locks of many types from quarter-turn through compression locks/latches and combination to pin tumbler, […]

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Locks to suit arduous service conditions

28 June 2012

Our fantastic team at FDB  pulled all project strings together to successfully deal with a Middle East based enquiry from a client requiring locks for 18,000 galvanised steel boxes designed to house water meters. The specification called for a securing of the enclosure door with a plastic clip-in, quarter-turn latch – simple to fit and, […]

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