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Home Knowledge Base Guide for D-Snap Technology

Knowledge Base Guide for D-Snap Technology

FDB Panel Fittings D-SNAP technology knowledge base guideOur latest Knowledge Base guide covers the innovative D-Snap technology employed in the SNAPLINE range of enclosure hardware. For design and production engineers looking to save up to 90% of assembly time in installation of enclosure fittings, D-Snap technology provides one very effective, easily implemented and robust solution.

This downloadable guide covers an explanation of the technology with a description of the major product types available, e.g. panel joiners, hinges, locks, handles, swinghandles, compression latches, 19” panel retainers, finger pulls etc. It is expected that the FDB KB07 guide will be of value in describing the way this system can be used to save time for cabinet builders in the workshop or for installers working on-site. The guide comes with links to videos demonstrating how this modern system can be simply employed in custom enclosures and cabinet construction and can be downloaded at www.fdb.co.uk/downloads/knowledge-base.html. Videos showing the operation of SNAPLINE components can also be viewed at http://www.fdb.co.uk/videos.html