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Quick and smooth IP65 compression latch

Our roller action Snap-Line® compression latch is believed to be a significant advance in compression lock technology. Combining as it does quick snap-in design and planetary roller cam motion which enables soft compression of door gaskets from 10mm to 20mm, this new half-turn IP65 latch is expected to find favour with designers, manufacturers and installers of vibration prone control equipment. This is likely to include construction machinery, process plant, motor vehicles, railway rolling stock, HVAC installations, much manufacturing equipment and materials handling machines where electrical or electronic enclosures are needed.

IP65 Planetary compression latchThe elegant low profile latch utililises D·SNAP® technology for push-in IP65 assembly, either RH or LH as a complete pre-assembled unit without tools and with perfect alignment. Additionally, the unusual roller cam, combined with a powerful planetary action, ensures a firm gasket pull down with low operator effort. Panel gauges from 0.8mm to 3.5mm can be accommodated with industry standard square and double bit inserts offered as standard.

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