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New Key Operated Compression Locks

Key-operated compression locks from FDB Panel FittingsOur new key-operated compression lock series offers the unusual format of key operation in a compression latch, thus providing added security of a key lock over the conventional tool compatible insert. We expect applications to include vehicles, genset packs, railway rolling stock etc.

This new lock design, intended for use with gasketed doors provides 6mm of compression to make a firm seal. It is water-resistant, fully adjustable and is mounted within an industry-standard rounded square hole – a straight latch cam is standard, with a full range of other cams available.

The latch features very positive engagement, being both water-resistant and adjustable. The key brings the latch bar into its ‘closed’ position, then draws up the bar by 6mm against the seal. This is achieved as the key turns clockwise through 90 degrees to operate the latch, then through a further quarter-turn to compress against the door edge or striker. The latch bar depth is adjustable through 11mm and the unit is installed via an industry-standard 4-sided aperture with brass nut and stainless spring washer on a threaded body with neoprene gasket. The latch bar is secured by nut and locknut on a threaded spigot enabling 1mm of depth adjustment. ‘FT’ keys are supplied with shuttered keyway for added protection as standard. The lock body is chromium-plated as standard or optionally black powder-coated. A variety of alternative latch bars are available as are special key numbers.