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Home New L36 DIRAK IP65/67 Quarter-Turn latch/lock with Flat Head

New L36 DIRAK IP65/67 Quarter-Turn latch/lock with Flat Head

DIRAK quarter-turn with flat head from FDB Panel Fittings

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we have jointly launched the new DIRAK L36 IP65/67 Quarter-Turn latch/lock with Flat Head, which offers an especially flat and stable installation where a smooth low-profile head is important for aesthetic and safety reasons. The L36 and other specialist quarter turns can be ordered via our Online store.

Thanks to the very low/flat head profile, this new shape fits well into the overall appearance of machines and housings and lines up smoothly with the surface. It is also available in the three most popular finishes: matte chrome-plated, glossy chrome and black. The matte chrome plating especially follows current design trends, is unobtrusive and is tolerant of scratches and similar damage. The new flat head shape is available in stainless steel and PA (offering IP69K) as a vibration-proof safety quarter-turn for corrosion-prone environments.

These flat head quarter turns are particularly suitable for use in machine and plant construction, furniture making and in the metalworking industry. The housing length of 36mm offers more stability and is suitable for door- thicknesses up to a maximum of 26mm. It can be upgraded in combination with a matching seal kit for protection ratings to IP65 and IP67 and installed in the Pr20.1 specification rounded corner square cut out with pre-assembled cam.

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