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Home 180° hinges to IP65 – screw fit or SNAP-LINE®

180° hinges to IP65 – screw fit or SNAP-LINE®

These new panel fittings comprise 40mm long cast hinges with 180° capability and sealing capacity to IP65 with RH or LH operation. We expect they will be of interest to specialist panel builders and installers of electrical or electronic cabinets where full door opening is required, either for maximum door clearance, e.g. for insertion of equipment – or for access to the rear of the door. They may be used on standalone enclosures/racks or on suited style side-by-side installations.

SNAP-LINE 180°  hingesThree versions are available – with M5 cast in screws, with screws on one leaf and SNAP-LINE® fitting on the other leaf – or with SNAP-LINE® (D-SNAP®) technology on both leaves. D-SNAP® technology enables assembly/dismantling without tools, screws or nuts, as well as being vibration proof. Not only is this system fast and easy to assemble – it is also a simple “blind” push-in fitting that does not require access from the rear – this often enables up to 90% savings in hinge assembly time. Click here for details of other SNAP-LINE panel fittings.