Storage systems

Despite the overarching presence of computer storage there is still a powerful need for hard copy plan drawings – in fact we have recognised that storage and easy visibility of flat plans in A2, A1 and A0 sizes can be a significant problem – a problem however readily addressed by our new offerings of the PRO Plan Filing System single end mounted pockets and the ECO system double end mounted units.

FDB Plan filing systemsAs Terry Cantle explains: “We have seen a demand for tidy storage of printed plan documents and found that the PRO and ECO products provide an excellent solution. Both ranges include wall mounting options with capabilities of 500 to 1000 sheets, while the PRO Clear-Desk System provides a way to co-locate a flat screen monitor adjacent to A1 and A2 hard copies on a desk based workstation.”

The new range also includes mobile stands for up to 2400 sheets and a Combi Mobile unit with suspended planholders back to back with shelves for books or lever arch file boxes.

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This newly launched range is a well thought out shelf support system with easily installed components in steel, aluminium, brass or stainless steel – to suit cabinets in steel or wood/organic base materials offering style and utility.

shelf support systemThe system features shelf support strips which may be screwed, bolted, riveted or welded, with either flush or surface fitting. These are complimented by shelf support brackets in light or heavy duty variants with finishes in a range of standard metal colours bright and brushed, as well as many other coloured finishes. The system is particularly suited in the high technology environment to the easy fitment of document or equipment shelving into complementary compartments or cabinets adjacent to the main power control or telco equipment.

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