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FDB hinges and compression locks solve storage access problems on Nippi wheelchair trike

FDB hinges and compression locks on Nippi wheelchair trike

The Nippi trike – a unique wheelchair accessible vehicle has recently been re-designed and re-launched – as part of this process Michael Barnes, M.D. of Nippi Cars Ltd, sought to improve the convenience and sealing of the storage compartments on either side of the vehicle. Consequently as long-term suppliers we were called in to provide a hardware solution – which came in the form of our Large Friction Hinge and A1 Compression Lock.

The Large Friction Hinge in black finish aluminium, supports the storage compartment cover in the open position so that luggage, shopping etc. may be inserted and removed one handed without the need for a separate and inconvenient stay.

While at the other end of the compartment covers, an A1 Compression Lock provides 6mm of gasket compression to ensure complete sealing with simple operation, enabling quick closure and reliable waterproofing of storage plus keyed security.