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Home Locking L Handle for cabinets and enclosures now ex-stock

Locking L Handle for cabinets and enclosures now ex-stock

Locking L Handle from FDB Panel Fittings for cabinets and enclosures now ex-stock

We are delighted to offer traditional L handles for specialist cabinet manufacturers which are now available ex-stock and online from the FDB Online Store – one example being the Lowe & Fletcher 1602 locking L-Handle. Now available from the Online store this handle is manufactured in zinc die with chrome finish and concealed fixing. It features an 8mm square spindle x 75mm (other lengths on request) with 90° or 180° movement.

Other types and sizes are offered with/without locking options or with padlock facility. Typical applications include furniture, electrical enclosures, electronic cabinets, specialist motor vehicles, railway rolling stock and similar. Many T and L handles are simply latch handles but most are also available with associated locks usually integrated into the handle itself. Sealing levels available are variable dependent on requirements from simple low level non rated items for office or indoor industrial applications.

The range of L handles from FDB Online are manufactured in black or chrome zinc die cast, polyamide or stainless steel for use either as standalone locking handles or with multi-point rod lock control mechanisms. Tabs/cams are listed in a great variety of depths to suit the design parameters of the door/frame and the gasket to ensure proper sealing.

L handles provide a traditional and comfortable way of operating latches with or without key locks. Generally they are a simple fit into a keyed hole then assembled with a back-nut to provide a cam or tab latch. They are available in zinc die, polyamide or stainless steel – many of them are compatible with multi-point locking systems by using rod mechanisms to provide an additional two points of closure. This enhances security especially on large cabinet doors both in terms of sealing and preventing unauthorised opening – while still enabling single-handed opening/closing.

With sophisticated ergonomic design, these handles typically come easily to hand and are comfortable to use. Their leverage allows the operation of internal rod systems for multi-point gasket sealing and added security, which is increasingly important for the protection of sophisticated digital process controls.

Well suited to office and industrial applications, these modern variants of a proven traditional L design are convenient and natural in feeling during operation, excellent in larger spaces where they suit floor standing cabinets and large enclosures. They are available in polyamide, zinc die chrome and black powder coat, plus in polished stainless steel with a wide selection carried in stock for urgent delivery to customers production facility or project sites.

FDB Panel Fittings are an independent manufacturer/distributor, serving specialist panel builders, delivering ex-stock hardware with a package of locks, latches, hinges, gasket profiles, swinghandles and panel accessories. These L handles are a good example – as a proven design style from proven specialist and independent distributors they are tough, ergonomic and aesthetic for convenient operation of cabinet and enclosure doors, backed up by stock and expert service.