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Home Locks with visual indicators for Railways and Commercial vehicles

Locks with visual indicators for Railways and Commercial vehicles

FDB Panel Fittings locks with visual indicators

These locks now available from our Online store present an externally visible notch or marking to indicate their status of either latched or unlatched so a quick glance can easily confirm that the panel is secure.

Many of these locks with visual indicators are in stainless steel, with high degrees of dust and water sealing, e.g. up to IP67 by virtue of the aggressive situations where they are needed. Likewise, ex-stock compression designs which offer anti-vibration characteristics, and so protect against nuisance opening.

The ability to visually check latching status is especially important with quarter-turn locks/latches which are generally small and round without positional reference, unless specifically added in manufacture – unlike L or T handles or swinghandles whose positional status can readily be seen by virtue of their operation.

Similarly with the intermediate presentation of companion wing-knob designs, which may be aligned to indicate their open/closed position – e.g. by having all adjacent handles oriented in the same direction, so that any stand out is immediately obvious.