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Low profile IP65 compression latch

Our recently introduced  IP65 1071 compression latch is especially compact – offering an unusually low profile of only 22mm in its open condition and yet providing 3mm of compression, thus enabling the benefits of compression lock technology to be achieved in situations where space is at a premium – such as vehicle applications or where an interior panel or other equipment requires clearance from the lock cam – yet another example of our philosophy following the theme  “Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure”.
1071 IP65 compression latch
The 1071 provides IP65 sealing and vibration proof operation in LH or RH orientation with quiet and secure fastening. Operation is by a ¼ turn which will latch the cam in position, followed by a further ¼ turn which completes the 3mm compression cycle. The pre-assembled 1071, together with rigid H section cam, may be quickly and toolessly installed in doors of up to 2mm thickness.

Please contact us for details of prices and delivery on the IP65 1071 latch.