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Multi-Point Cam Adapter – more possibilities for single point locks

Multi-point lock adapter from FDB Panel Fittings for cabinet rod locksLocks with single point cams can now be readily converted to multi-point actuation with our new adapter, which fits under the existing cam on typical quarter-turn locks. This enables rod lock systems to be attached either retrospectively or in order to simplify stock holding – where one lock can be held for both single and 2 or 3 point closure systems.

This system also offers the further possibility of an additional rod for operating an internal cut-off switch. The multi-point cam adapter is suitable for quarter turn locks and swinghandles, thus spanning the range of medium sized wall mounted enclosures through to large cabinets for electrical or electronic controls, telecoms etc. Fitment is simple – involving removal of the existing single point cam which then sits inside the adapter and is replaced with a standard screw giving a simple quick and cost effective solution.