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New DIRAK rod latch system helps panel builders and installers

Dirak rod latch system from FDB

This new DIRAK rod latch kit makes short work of installing a multi-point rod lock door closing mechanism, together with a standard quarter-turn latch, offering 2 or 3 point gasket pull-down for medium to large enclosure doors. The simple clip-and-cam fit operation suits dual round or flat rods mounted within the gasket sealed area – or externally.

The new rod latch mechanism offers a high level of closing convenience and strength in just one closing process.

A full complement of quarter-turns, rods, rod guides and cams are available with a grounding nut to ensure earth continuity through the mechanism and door. An installation and operation video of the rod latch system can be viewed at www.fdb.co.uk/rod-latch-system.