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New from the team at FDB Panel Fittings – the DIRAK 4-351 2D adjustable hinge

DIRAK 4-351 2D adjustable hinge from FDB Panel Fittings

We are pleased to have a new DIRAK aluminium 180o hinge with adjustable mountings available – suitable for surface mounting on large cabinets and personal access doors. These robust 121mm and 61mm hinges are designed to use on railway carriages, special vehicles, storage units and similar where the ability to adjust plus/or minus 2mm in two dimensions (up/down and L/R) enables correct fit and finish during installation and service.

These rugged 4-351 DIRAK hinges feature hinge pins in a blind hole secured against knock out and may be fixed with anti-tamper screws where the situation requires. RH and LH versions are available and will suit nested doors. Bushings are in polyamide for smooth operation and corrosion-free longevity.