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New range of hinges and door furniture

Over the years we like to think that we have created a specialist niche in the world of cabinets and enclosures – so that we are pleased to welcome this range of continuous piano hinges ranging from 0.7mm thick for light cabinet use with a range of types up to 5mm thick heavy duty hinges for blast proof doors. Special colours and designs are also available. Piano hinges

These continuous piano hinges are complemented with high performance fittings – butt hinges and lift-off hinges with a range of variants including rising/falling types, electrically wired fire door type and materials such as stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminium – also for special applications such as glass doors and for security sensitive situations. High performance and highly aesthetic cabinet fittings are part of this new package, including handles in metal, metal/wood knobs, pulls and flush pulls. Glass door hinges, pulls, sealing and other finishing items.

FDB also offer a shelf support system for document storage or equipment mounting and a plan filing system – a high density plan and drawing storage system complemented by easy filing allowing for rapid group or individual sheet retrieval. Contact us for further details