New Telescopic Cover Supports for control desks – tops and covers


New DIRAK telescopic cover supports are now available from FDB Panel Fittings for covers and top leaves of industrial control desks, and for side inspection covers of large machines.

These robust supports offer easy to use automatic locking and unlocking functionality integral to the guide mechanism – just lift and release for positive mechanical support while maintaining or adjusting internal equipment. Simply extend and retract 3 cm to automatically lock in place and support the cover, then extend 3 cm and release to close.

The telescopic guides are separately riveted with a locking lever made of stainless steel – giving a retracted/extended length of 215/365mm or 395/695mm.

This sturdy design may be used in RH or LH application – or in pairs for heavy or long desk tops and panels that may require bracing at each end either to support extra weight or to counter flexing of the panel.

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