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Polyamide hinges – low cost alternatives to stainless steel

Polyamide hinges for storage boxes, personal storage, specialist panels and machine panels

We now carry a wide selection of panel hinges in engineering grade polyamide plastic which offer good looks, good strength and low cost for enclosure doors and general access. These are frequently an excellent alternative to stainless steel, where good resistance to corrosion is required but not the ultimate heavy duty strength of stainless. Glass reinforced polyamide is a proven material in this application where good appearance, low cost and good performance are required with long service life and a high degree of corrosion resistance.
FDB1841 pin hinge for electrical and electronic cabinets

Our Online store carries lift off , butt style, removable pin and push-fit clip-in types ex-stock for simple ordering and instant delivery. For other types please contact our expert trained staff who will be pleased to suggest other versions which we have available.