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Home Rocfast at FDB Panel Fittings – quarter turn assembly matching the lock depth to the enclosure

Rocfast at FDB Panel Fittings – quarter turn assembly matching the lock depth to the enclosure

Rocfast at FDB Panel Fittings – quarter turn assembly matching the lock depth to the enclosure

At a time when the need for cost savings and time savings are more important than ever, we are pleased to inform that our Rocfast customer service program saves time, money and mistakes by guiding engineers and buyers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.

The FDB Rocfast program focuses primarily on lock assembly including all major industry brands – and is designed to take the hard work out of an order process that often requires specification of individual lock components, and time consuming self-assembly prior to installation. The FDB expert team rapidly identify the optimum specification of components then order, assemble and deliver to site, to workshop or to metal former/subcontractor in line with their theme of providing “Panel Fittings for every Enclosure”.

The Rocfast service includes all ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys, with IP rated sealing if required, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable.

As well as supplying standard latch inserts Panel Fittings can also supply handle inserts, turning a standard quarter turn into a handle. This includes T-Handles, L-Handles, Star Knobs and Wing Knobs in various styles. Also, for locks used in dusty environments they advise that they can supply dust caps and finger pulls for easy opening of panels.

Complimentary accessories include serrated lock washers for applications where the securing nut may become loose, and earth (grounding) nuts which have sharp protrusions intended to cut through the painted coating on the metalwork to provide a good electrical connection.

Our Rocfast assembly service provides specifiers with a quick and simple means of getting the exact quarter-turns they need, to the specification they choose, pre-assembled and delivered on time. There are so many combinations however that the part number selection can seem daunting, so they provide a guide which has been designed to explain how to select the correct product code and to showcase the wide range of options available.

For example, a standard code of ECC8T/24 includes the following components: – the first three letters of the code determine the materials/finish of the lock assembly. e.g., ECC denotes that the lock is zinc die, chrome plated, with other options shown.

Insert Type is covered by the next two characters which determines the type of insert used to operate the lock. e.g., 8T denotes an 8mm triangle insert with all available inserts also shown.

Cam Height: The last code determines the cam style and cam height for the lock, (the distance between the front of the door to where it latches) e.g., 24 denotes a 45mm length cam with a height/bend of 24mm. Shorter 35mm long cams, along with 2 and 3-point cams are also available.

Customers can then go through a four-step process – Pick your housing – Pick your insert – Pick your cam – order the fully assembled lock.