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Rocfast lock assembly service

The Rocfast program is a new service which we expect to save time, money and mistakes by offering quality locks assembled and delivered direct from our Panel Fittings experts here at FDB – including all major market leading industry brands. The Rocfast lock assembly service is designed to take the hard work out of an order process that often requires specification of individual lock components and time consuming self-assembly prior to installation. Our expert team will rapidly identify the optimum specification of components then order, assemble and deliver to site, to workshop or to metal former/subcontractor in line with our theme of providing “Panel Fittings for every Enclosure”.

The Rocfast service includes all ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys, with IP rated sealing if required, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable. The Rocfast assembly program can efficiently deal with modern modular component systems or traditional single kit formats and with one-off or scheduled program deliveries as well as separate packaging of locks/backnuts/keys etc to suit logistical requirements. Further information on the FDB Rocfast program can be found at: www.rocfast.co.uk also contact us to consult our experts on your installation needs.