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Small T handles from our Online store

Small T handles from FDB Panel Fittings

From our sales partner Lowe & Fletcher – these T handles are a great choice for cabinet handles – especially where there is plenty of space for people to pass or where their extra convenience is valued – or where it is important to match an existing installation. Gary Miles – MD here at FDB Panel Fittings explained “We continue to see demand for this type of traditional T handle which suits cabinets and enclosures in many public space applications and in industrial situations generally. We have a variety of sizes in stock – manufactured in chrome-finished zinc die with/without caulking cam as required. A selection of small T versions in our 1600 series are ex-stock from our Online store in both locking and non-locking formats.”

Small T handles are easy to operate and available as locking or non-locking variants, complete with /without caulking cam to assist in sealing for outdoor applications such as garage doors, shutters and Metal Office Furniture also indoor applications of covers, hatches, doors and panels for equipment of all types. They are manufactured in zinc die with chrome finish with 90 deg. or 180 deg. operation. These T handles can be fitted with two or three point cam.

The FDB Panel Fittings sales team advise that we now have full stock of easy-to-fit generically traditional T style lock handles for all types of common industrial applications, from production line to office, specialist vehicles to marine, offshore to hangers, control rooms to distribution centres.

With sophisticated ergonomic design, they typically come easily to hand and are comfortable to use. Their leverage allows operation of internal rod systems for multi-point gasket sealing and added security, which is increasingly important for the protection of sophisticated digital processes.

The nice thing about the T handle design is that your hand goes easily to it and turns naturally – then with the integral, quarter turn function everyone can see the status of the lock – with a suite of cabinets one can see at a glance if one of them is not aligned and therefore unlocked.

Traditional in style the T handles available from the Online store are ex-stock to help with those urgent panel builds that require the operational feel of a traditional handle. They are suited for installation of electrical panels and many other industrial applications to office storage cabinets.