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Specialist Panel Mounting components for electrical earth protection

Earth line protection devices from FDB Electrical

The team here at FDB Electrical have a long experience with specialist earth protection systems and in consequence we have available at our Online store  an extensive range of panel mounting items including RCDs, Earth Continuity Monitors and special purpose electrical protection devices for panel builders and installers to assemble your own application specific equipment.

CB514_medium CT from FDBFeatures include – compliance with BS4293, AC and DC types, multi-range protection levels including pre-set and user adjustable types. Solid state circuitry for immunity to voltage transients and DC component, associated core balance transformers in a range of sizes – with panel meter  (EFU10/M) and RCD Test Set available. RCD test set ( series 6 )

However if you would like a custom protection panel produced by us and delivered to your site of choice then please call us to arrange.