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Home Stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts

Stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts

FDB Panel Fittings stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts

New stainless steel compression latches to IP65/67 allow flexible use, especially in outdoor situations where their wing knob inserts enable quick and easy operation even with a gloved hand. Clamping compression of a full 6mm provides full gasket seating for a high level of protection against ingress of dirt and water or other contaminants as well as ensuring an excellent measure of resistance to nuisance opening in hostile conditions, such as experienced on road or rail vehicles.

A standard fixed-length, version with a short shaft is offered alongside the long-shaft manually adjustable option which has tool-less adjustment, by virtue of a knurled wheel to ensure a correct fit between the door and frame, a measure that is easily achieved in production or at later stages of in-service maintenance.

Wing handle compression latches offer a secure and vibration-resistant closure for use in mechanical engineering, transport and similar applications where access covers, storage lockers, control cabinets etc. must endure harsh environmental conditions, and yet enable keyless operation quickly and reliably – while external indicators on the wing insert meet the need for an outside visual status indication.

For further information on these new stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts, please contact us at FDB Panel Fittings.