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Stainless steel – hygiene to hinges, locks to flap handles

Hygiene quarter-turn locks

Stainless steel hardware fittings for enclosures and cabinets are one of our busiest lines as people are looking for better quality, greater robustness and specifically hygiene designed products for wash-down and corrosion susceptible areas. We are delighted to have stocks of these items for rapid delivery with many others available on fast order turn around from our Online store.

Stainless steel panel hinges from FDB Panel Fittings FDB stainless steel inset T latchStainless steel is now popular for tabs/cams as well as for butt hinges, flap hinges,and removable hinges, L handles and T handles continue as traditional classics as are quarter turn latches and flush fit flap hinges. Stainless Steel L and T Handles