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Buy hinges online at the FDB online store and use our hinge calculator to work out what ex-stock hinges you need. With nearly 200 different hinges to choose from for everything from specialist electrical and electronic cabinets to office or domestic cupboard and room doors our FDB Online store is the place for quick supply of standard hinges of all types in plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Easy ordering and ex-stock delivery backed up by an expert sales team make buying hinges easy – and if you still can’t find what you need then we can help with non-stock or custom hinges.

A selection of Hinges from FDB Panel FittingsOur catalogue Hinge section includes a good selection of internal concealed hinges, flush hinges and butt hinges – straight, cranked and offset. Traditional bullet and continuous piano hinges feature as do sophisticated architectural and very simple pin hinges. Materials vary from zinc diecast and brass through mild steel and stainless steel to reinforced polyamide engineering plastic. Some are adjustable or in special materials e.g. titanium, finishes such as nickel and chrome feature where appropriate. 

So when you have used the new hinge calculator hinge calculator toolthen do have a look here at the kind of hinge you need – if you can’t see the exact right item then contact us as we have many other special order and custom styles to consider.

High performance aluminium spring hinges from FDB Panel FittingsWe are again delighted that the press has found our news of interest to their readers – an excellent example can be seen in the latest issue of Fastener + Fixing Magazine – which can be viewed on their website.

The product chosen is the new range of aluminium spring hinges which we announced recently in this blog – but if you are interested in fasteners and fixings generally then a look at this publication could be useful as could a wider look at our catalogue.

High end "€œinvisible"€ hinges with internal adjustment from FDB Panel FittingsIn the world of prestige interiors and offices, hinges can be either featured or hidden and it is this latter aspect which is addressed by our new range of “invisible” hinges. These allow the door to be opened a full 180° whilst remaining very strong and unseen when closed. This is achieved by virtue of morticing the mechanism of a hinge into the door and frame and having precision engineered involuted arms or members.

The HES3D-190 suits substantial entrance doors to places like hotels, institutions and aspirational homes. The flawless smooth movement and rock solid engineering reflect well upon the prestige of the building and they are fully adjustable on three axes so that a perfect fit for the door can be maintained from installation on through many years of service.

For many designers the 190 variant would be massive overkill for interior doors – which is why we also have it’s smaller relation the HES3D-120 which looks to all intents and purposes like the HES3D-190 but is about half the size. Not only does it retain its big brothers good looks but also all of its functionality. Allen keyed screws allow the hinge to be adjusted up, down, left, right, in or out. It is designed for doors up to 30kgs when two hinges are used and predictably the solidity of the mechanism is remarkable. The load of the door is distributed between seven links which allow the arms to move sweet-and-free and completely without play.

In use it has particular advantages. The body of the hinge is not as deep as other hinges in this class which may have positive ramifications for the type and design of door used.

Like its bigger brothers, installation is a one man job. The two halves of the hinge are installed on door and frame and then simply brought together on a locating pin to drop into a slot with gravity. A simple enhancement like this can really reduce the hassle on a multi-door installation. The HES3D-120 comes in either a silver or champagne gold finish at a very competitive price.

Contact us for details.

Something for everybody

26 June 2012

In the world of enclosure hardware we have always focused on the main areas of enclosure locks, hinges, handles and gaskets – and have recently added mechanical combination locks and digital code entry locks. Our hinge offering has also been supplimented with glass door hinges, decorative and heavy duty hinges – so that now we […]

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An exceptional hinge range……

26 January 2012

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we offer an unrivalled range of quality hinges for all industrial applications – this includes internal hinges and external hinges – for weld-on or bolt-on fitting – as well as hinges for cabinets, panels and enclosures we now offer an extensive selection of architectural types for applications through from domestic to […]

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10 November 2011

The Phoenix range of architectural hinges now available from ourselves at FDB Panel Fittings offers a varied approach to hinging of pedestrian access doors with a range of safety and security features such as anti-ligature radiuses, hinge leaf cover plates, built-in dog bolts and flush welded hinge pins. Security pinned hinges and concealed wire conductor hinges […]

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Heavy duty architectural hinges

3 November 2011

Designed for strength and attractive physical appearance the Phoenix range of heavy duty architectural hinges demonstrates a high degree of performance with EN1935 test performance from grades 1 to 14 and with CERTIFIRE approvals. They are suitable for applications such as department stores, schools, bank doors, offices and residential installations. These situations of course include […]

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