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The Latch Solution from FDB Panel Fittings Online

FDB Panel Fittings – The Latch Solution

Keeping supply chains open and flexible, and working fast is a major challenge for all in the manufacturing sector – rarely more so than in the case of equipment for time-critical installations such as power supply and control systems where packaged systems must be completed, delivered and installed – timely delivery of even a latching mechanism may be vital. The Online team here at FDB Panel Fittings are delighted to announce our solution. This encompasses ex-stock urgent delivery of a wide range of Cam latches with barrel body and inserts, often resembling a nut or screwhead and so referred to as a “spanner” lock, a type of quarter turn mechanism for secure closure of cabinet and enclosure doors.

This Online offering also includes compression latches, while other versions incorporate a cylinder type lock for additional security which are held as large stocks so as to enable quick delivery. Since locks and latches are frequently the last item fitted to a cabinet on the production line or even at the installation stage – and can therefore hold up delivery of the whole project – Online selection can reduce this problem.

Various latch types can be swapped if necessary, including cam adaptors which enable the use of multi-point rod lock systems for enhanced sealing and security while tabs/cams are available in differing lengths and step/height configurations to match varying door/frame dimensions. The Online service includes our popular Rocfast assembly and logistics package which ensures delivery of assembled latches or locks in bulk or as kits – otherwise contact us direct to discuss your requirements.