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Home Cabinet gasket to fit door and frame channels

Cabinet gasket to fit door and frame channels

FDB enclosure gasket to fit channels

These popular gaskets are commonly used to fit a channel on an enclosure frame or door where the hollow section seals against flat mounting surface and tightens into the channel when compressed, to increase sealing. Being flexible and easily compressed this design of gasket is readily installed even around 90° corners without warping or folding.

The profile design features 4-lip sections for optimal sealing of doors and panels, with high tolerance compensation at minimal compression, which enables balanced sealing properties between gasket/frame and gasket/door. Special central lips on the profiles allow defined longitudinal movement but prevent the profiles from falling out when opening the door, they hold the gasket in place so that it retains its correct position while the double symmetry of the 4-lip profiles prevents incorrect fitting. The result is that the compression forces between gasket/frame and gasket/door are nearly the same and consequently the profile provides consistent performance properties. The profile characteristics are the same for both high-pressure and vacuum applications.