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D-Snap® technology joiners, locks, handles, swinghandles and hinges

Snapline fasteners from FDB Panel Fittings

Snap-line fasteners and joiners featuring the innovative D-Snap® technology offer Tool-less installation with no mounting hardware required. They are suitable for joining panels in order to construct enclosures, desks and other custom housings.

This well-engineered fastening technology ensures innovation and quality in specialist panels. DIRAK-SNAP-Technology combines flexibility, convenience, and security in every application, without the need for tools. These products slide perfectly through the panel cutout and snap into position, creating a strong and secure connection. There is no possibility for loosening or turning. The DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is reliable, sophisticated, and the perfect solution for your application.

Snapline panel joiners are supplemented with locks, handles, swinghandles and hinges to enable the whole cabinet to be constructed from flat pack, on site if required.