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EFU15 Airfield Power Distribution

EFU15 multi-function RCD from FDB Electrical used for airfield power distributionThe need for protection of power supply and associated personnel can arise in some unusual and interesting places. For the team here at FDB Electrical this can often mean a ministry site, such as our recent supply of power distribution pillars for an RAF training target area used by low level fighters from the NATO partnership.

These FDB 250A custom supply pillars, finished in infra-red reflective paint, were installed out in the field to supply power for cut-out targets each with electronic ID so that the attacking aircraft can lock on and the hits be recorded for later review.

These bespoke Airfield Protection Units were however based on standard FDB Electrical technology including the EFU15 Multi-Function RCD and EMGUARD Earth Loop Monitor. The combined performance of these units ensures reliable power and protection of field based equipment in harsh conditions where exposure to difficult weather is combined with minimal service requirement given the remoteness of the installation.

The EFU15 is available for 24-110V AC/DC or 230V 50/60Hz voltage and a variety of customer specified parameters. Especially pertinent to this application is an operating range of -30°C to 65°C.

Our EMGUARD earth line monitor is available for 100V, 230V or 440V to suit a wide range of commercial/industrial applications.