IP65 compression latch with colour open/closed indicator


IP65 compression locks like the our 1-077 are becoming ever more popular for applications requiring quick and reliable door closure without rattling, even when subjected to significant vibration. It is therefore ideal for vehicle on-board cabinets, panels, compartment doors, as well as gen-set packs, HVAC equipment or similar. Compression technology in this style is ideal for soft clamping and positive gasket pull-down to ensure positive sealing, especially on larger doors.
1-077 compression lock

 The 1-077 features IP65 sealing capability and a compression stroke of 6.5mm with fully closed dimensions of 22, 24, 28 or 38mm, dependant upon specification. A particular feature is its colour indicator for open/closed on the latch head, which provides instant recognition of the lock position. Door thicknesses of from 0.8mm to 22mm may be accommodated with LH or RH configurations as required.

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