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Really useful Pocket Lock

This innovative Pocket Lock has its primary use in areas where shared desking or lockers is required. The lock and key fit together to form a small pocket size “pod” which can be retained by the user and simply inserted into any vacant lock the following day. This maintains total flexibility whilst ensuring each user still has a secure storage or workspace during the day.
Innovative pocket lock

 The pocket lock is simple and easy to use offering total flexibility and ease of fitment with a range of back-end permanent mechanisms available. Typically the pocket lock can be used for shared desking with individual private drawers or for shared equipment or for personal lockers in communal spaces. The pocket lock is complimented with a catalogue of electrical cabinet locks, lift-off hinges, compression locks, zoned and sub-master locks, lock cams, multipoint locking systems and concealed hinges to suit industrial, commercial and front office situations.

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