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Home Low cost IP65 1/4 turn – watertight price and performance!

Low cost IP65 1/4 turn – watertight price and performance!

An elegant low profile IP65 lock in tough polyamide with a variety of inserts and cams available is just ideal for so many common applications, especially when it combines performance and looks at an exceptionally low price. Such an item is this new ¼ turn 1-092 which is assembled in seconds without the use of tools. Applications are expected to include electrical and electronic cabinets, as well as personal storage and access, especially for those types of equipment security where the environment is wet and otherwise stainless steel would probably be specified. 
wet area 1/4 turn IP65 lock
The 1-092 features just three basic components which simply clip together in seconds with injected TPE seals to prevent ingress of dust and water. The assembled unit is then quickly installed with backnut in either LH or RH orientation. Inserts available include square, triangular, slotted and double-bit key types, with 18mm to 28mm cams to cover the broad range of common requirements.

See here for our range of camlocks.

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