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New Cable Management System

Cable Management accessories from FDB Panel FittingsCable management accessories are a vital part of any rack installation in order to maximise performance and lay the basis for many years of reliable service so we are delighted that our new range of cable management devices enable optimised installation as they provide organisation, management and protection of cables housed inside cabinets in datacentres and telecommunications rooms. As the demands placed on systems continue to increase, establishing a good managed cable infrastructure will allow for easy system changes, scalability and reduced maintenance costs. Contact us for details.

To ensure maximum network performance this new range of innovative, space saving, engineered plastic products provide: proper bend radius, elimination of sagging, reduction of pinch points, ease of installation and protection of cable integrity. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, all featuring quick, easy and tool-less installation.

For example, cable guides and cable tie bases create a proper bend radius to ensure cable performance, organise cables so they can be easily traced for moving, adding and changing. Their snap-in fixing is ideal for upgrades or new installations in vertical or horizontal layouts where they create a clean professional look while saving space and cost.

The range features self-installing without the use of tools or additional hardware for quick and easy fitment in standard 9.5mm square cut-outs as found in 19” racks. They are also available for 12.7mm square cut-outs. For further information on these new items please contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced sales team.