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An exceptional hinge range……

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we offer an unrivalled range of quality hinges for all industrial applications – this includes internal hinges and external hinges – for weld-on or bolt-on fitting – as well as hinges for cabinets, panels and enclosures we now offer an extensive selection of architectural types for applications through from domestic to heavy duty public access doors as well as continuous piano style for applications including small doors up to security doors.
 FDB Hinges Available as standard in a wide choice of style, material and finish, we can also provide bespoke solutions to specific requirements. Materials include steel, painted steel, plated steel, zinc-die, re-inforced plastic, brass, stainless steel – we also of course have the SNAPLINE or D-SNAP hinges for fast fitting and cost saving panel assembly.

All hinges are available in production packs delivered to workshop or installation site under our Rocfast brand to ensure time and cost saving logistics.