gasket sealing strip

self adhesive foam from FDB

Neoprene closed cell foam tapes form a simple and effective gasket seal on specialist enclosures or cabinets where they are easily applied by virtue of their non stretch self adhesive backing. They are available from our Online store in sizes from 10mm x 3 mm up to 20mm x 5 mm.

We also have a wider range of sizes – also skinned foam strip coils without adhesive – by contacting our sales team. Neoprene and EPDM are available – for other materials and sizes just ask.

Enclosure gasket profiles from FDB Panel Fittings

Gasket, Sealing profiles,  window sealing and associated accessories for virtually all industrial applications are available at the FDB Online store – in fact we are sometimes surprised just how many profiles we have available and what a great variety of sections we can supply for all types of sealing, edge protection, wiping and exclusion of both solid objects and liquids. Naturally there are self adhesive foam sections and clip on “P” types and hollow insert gasket to fit door channels. Then when you want to put a window into a door or machine we can provide a number of profiles incorporating an insert locking strip for added security.

In addition where electromagnetic compatibility is necessary, we can also supply a good range of special profiles with EMC/RFI shielding in combination with water and dust sealing – please contact our in house sales desk for details.

For further information please also  refer to our Knowledge Base article KB03.1

Enclosure gasket profiles from FDB Panel Fittings

We have gasket sealing profiles for enclosure and cabinet sealing also for window sealing and associated accessories for virtually all industrial applications. Flat self adhesive foam is complimented with extruded sections for push in or clip on installation in EPDM, NBR, Neoprene and PVC.

Where electromagnetic compatibility is necessary, we can also supply special profiles with EMC/RFI shielding in combination with water and dust sealing.

For further information, refer to our Knowledge Base article KB01.1 or contact us.

Lock range from FDB

Our Rocfast enclosure lock assembly and logistics service includes all our ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys, with IP rated sealing if required, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable. This specialist service program can efficiently provide to site modern modular component systems or traditional single kit formats and with one-off or scheduled program deliveries as well as separate packaging of locks/backnuts/keys etc to suit schedule requirements. Where required complete fitting kits can be supplied including lock/s, hinges, gasket, and with lock cylinders+keys forwarded to a separate destination if desired.

This Rocfast program has proven successful in saving time, money and mistakes by guiding customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.

Contact our skilled and helpful team to organise your Rockfast service.

Welcome to the FDB Online store for your Panel Fittings requirements

3 March 2017
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Welcome to our online store.   Featuring a wide range of products from FDB Panel Fittings, we have designed our online store to provide you with a speedy means of viewing, selecting and purchasing all your enclosure and cabinet panel fittings requirements:     Locks and lock components Hinges handles sealing gasket locking rods door stays lock […]

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Specialist enclosure and cabinet sealing

22 July 2016
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Our Online shop now has a varied selection of sealing gasket profiles from closed cell self adhesive neoprene through edge clip P sections to window gaskets, edge protection sections, bladed sections and push fit insert profiles – also featuring a very useful radius adapter which allows the gasket section to flow round the corner without […]

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Sealing Profiles at the Online Shop

17 October 2014

                    Our extruded window and door sealing profiles are now available at FDB Online for use on enclosure and cabinet doors as well as for clip-in windows. They are offered in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene, silicone, NBR and PVC. Extruded Gasket, Sealing profiles, window sealing and associated accessories […]

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Cabinet and Enclosure Sealing sections at our Online store

6 August 2014

With 37 sections of sealing profile now available at our Online store we think that customers will find most of what they need quickly and from stock – and we continue to add more standard types for enclosure and cabinet door sealing and for inspection windows. Currently we have 4-lip sections, corner adapters, edge protectors, EPDM, […]

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Buy Your Panel Fittings and Electrical Protection at Our New Online Store

21 May 2014

For the benefit of customers who need a quick and simple means of placing orders without having to phone or e-mail for prices, we have made most of our standard products available in our new online store including of course 1/4 turn locks, swinghandles, hinges, gasket, stainless steel hardware as well as the FDB Electrical […]

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New Seals and Gaskets Knowledge Base Datasheet

16 December 2013

We have recently issued a Knowledge Base data sheet to make selection of seals and gaskets easier for our friends in the panel building and related industries. This downloadable document (available at ) covers the standard styles of self-gripping seals, edge protection and rectangular section gaskets. Additional information is provided on window seals, channel […]

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