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Shop fitting fasteners from FDB Panel Fittings

Among other places the FDB Panel Fittings range of fasteners find application in shop fitting manufacture, not only quarter-turn locks and swinghandles in checkout islands but also quick-fix/release fasteners around the display section of stores where they may be used to hold price indicators, product cards and special offers. For cupboards and storage space at the checkout rapid keyless access is provided with wing handles, while triangular key or cylinder locks are also typical – for more security digital combination locks may be preferred.

Elsewhere, captive Snapline connectors and push-fit fasteners with tool or toolless operation are suited to widespread use in stores generally and can be found at the FDB Online Store available ex-stock for urgent delivery.

FDB hinge range

Buy hinges online at the FDB online store and use our hinge calculator to work out what ex-stock hinges you need. With nearly 200 different hinges to choose from for everything from specialist electrical and electronic cabinets to office or domestic cupboard and room doors our FDB Online store is the place for quick supply of standard hinges of all types in plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Easy ordering and ex-stock delivery backed up by an expert sales team make buying hinges easy – and if you still can’t find what you need then we can help with non-stock or custom hinges.

2 stage hinges for flush doors from FDB Panel Fittings

These novel EMKA 1042/3 two stage hinges provide a full 180° door opening for removable flush doors on large or small cabinets, with two sizes to suit industrial enclosures and electrical housings.

The 1042/3 hinges provide this unusual facility for flush doors and are concealed within the cabinet using internal weld-on mounting, which combined with a flush/insert door design minimises opportunities for vandal attack while presenting a smooth aesthetic appearance. They enable simple door demounting by virtue of their easily removed hinge pins. Each hinge also has a second spring loaded hinge pin – once the door has been opened 90° it may then be opened a further 90° using the second pivot point.

Contact us for the EMKA 1042/3 two stage hinge or see the Online Store for other hinges


180 degree polyamide hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

We have recently introduced EMKA 1110 polyamide hinges to our range. These 180° quick fit hinges permit rapid door mounting and demount by use of a removable hinge pin which also locks the hinge into place. They are considered suitable for batch or continuous production of specialist enclosures.

1110 hinges are available to suit 16mm or 25mm flange returns on lay-on cabinet door designs which require only a very simple cut out to enable instant positioning of the door component. The frame half of the hinge uses a simple screw/nut assembly which when used with 2D nuts further permits detailed door alignment.

EMKA pin hinges for industrial cabinets

26 November 2015
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The EMKA 1036 100mm pin hinges from our specialist enclosure hardware portfolio here at FDB Panel Fittings offer 180° opening for 16mm flanged lay-on doors even with side-by-side enclosure or cabinet mounting. Fixing of these zinc die hinges is very simple with concealed M5 screws while door removal is quick and easy by lift-off from the stainless […]

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The EMKA 1110 180° hinge

20 November 2015
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The EMKA 1110 program hinges – now from FDB Panel Fittings – offer 180° opening for inline cabinets with adjacent doors. These quick-fix hinges provide reduced vulnerability to forced opening by virtue of their concealed fixing and smooth slim-line exterior design. We offer three sizes of the EMKA 1110 series hinges to suit 20mm door returns, […]

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EMKA 1110 quick-fit 120° hinge for lay-on cabinet doors

28 August 2015
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We now have EMKA’s 1110 quick-fit 120° hinge for lay-on doors available in our growing portfolio of specialist enclosure hardware. These robust zinc die hinges enable panel builders to quickly install a removable 25mm return door with electrical safety compliance using just 2 off vibration proof screws and a retained hinge pin system. The 1110 hinge […]

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EMKA and Giussani at FDB

30 July 2015

As specialist distributors here at FDB we take great pride in our relationships with top brands of Panel Fittings for cabinets and enclosures- This is exemplified by our status with DIRAK as their main UK distributor and a key part of their global service network – and by the many long standing and close relationships […]

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180° butt hinges now available at Online Store

17 July 2015

Our range of standard 180° die cast butt hinges are now available ex-stock from the FDB Online Store at These ubiquitous industrial hinges in black finish are typical 52mm long by 40mm wide, complete with integral threaded fasteners for internal fixing on enclosures, access panels, lockers etc. where they offer limited external opportunity for tampering. […]

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Lift-off butt hinges now available at the Online Store

10 June 2015

Our 60mm butt hinges are now available ex-stock from the Online Store in self-colour or black zinc die. These commonly used hinges are easily fitted externally on wall mounted enclosures or other cabinets and access panels which require full 270° opening and lift-off capability. Their robust construction means they are suitable for a wide range of […]

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