FDB hinge range

Buy hinges online at the FDB online store and use our hinge calculator to work out what ex-stock hinges you need. With nearly 200 different hinges to choose from for everything from specialist electrical and electronic cabinets to office or domestic cupboard and room doors our FDB Online store is the place for quick supply of standard hinges of all types in plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Easy ordering and ex-stock delivery backed up by an expert sales team make buying hinges easy – and if you still can’t find what you need then we can help with non-stock or custom hinges.

New multi-way modular RCBO earth fault protection unit from FDB Electrical

Our FDB 11 is a modular range of general purpose earth leakage protection units complete with overload and short circuit protection, and approved by Network Rail for use in DC electrified areas. They are configured in a modular arrangement so that multiple units may be installed and added to over time to create a modular grid – so that as the power requirement increases then extra capacity may be added with more distribution units – which may be purchased from our Online shop.

FDB Hygiene quarter-turn locks

The new range of hygiene locks from Dirak now includes a “standard” quarter turn lock plus an L version and a T handle as well as a compression lock – all in fantastically stylish designs with exceptionally clean lines – they are made of bright finished AISI 316L stainless steel and have distinctive blue silicone seals. 7_081_02HDWe find they are of great value in all sorts of places which are regularly washed or otherwise cleaned down such as food processing, special hygiene areas, agriculture and similar.

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FDB11 RCBO offers Approved Network Rail DC Immune Protection for electrical equipment in DC areas

Where protection of AC equipment is required in areas adjacent to powerful DC currents – as in electrified rail environments – then the special technology of the FDB11 RCBO panel is typically called for as approved by Network Rail.

This FDB11 unit has developed from some 40 years involvement with BR/Network Rail installations and is approved for use on auxiliary equipment, e.g. in coffee shops etc. to protect against induced DC current. The FDB11 RCBO as tested by (BR/Network Rail) is specified for use in DC Electrified Areas as it retains its protective capabilities for AC equipment. Importantly it incorporates loss of neutral indication and comes with overload and short circuit protection – features which are likely to be of interest to electrical contractors, design engineers and plant engineers working in and around rail industry installations where induced DC current may cause problems in adjacent AC lines.

The metal housed unit comes in 10 amp to 32 amp, 40 amp to 63 amp and 80 amp to 100 amp formats with the 10-32 amp specification regarded as a general purpose RCBO of choice – with overload and short circuit protection like all the FDB11 series, it is mounted in a surface mounting enclosure complete with knockouts.

The FDB11 may also be used for simple AC protection in schools and similar institutional establishments where its high levels of quality and reliability are appreciated. It is available for 110V, 230V. (FDB13 380/440V TP&N), 50Hz in 10 amp to 60 amp ratings. Rated trip currents of 20mA, 30mA and 100mA may be specified.

Panel hardware selection – an optimal balance

20 May 2016

Here at FDB Panel Fittings there are many years of combined experience in supplying panel hardware, from which we have found that the selection process for correct panel hardware is largely to do with the application. For example there is little point in fitting low cost, light duty locks and hinges to enclosures destined for use in […]

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Giussani reprogrammable quarter-turn lock

13 May 2016
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One of our latest introductions is the Giussani reprogrammable quarter-turn lock which provides users with the flexibility to update keys or switch users so that staff changes or lost keys may be easily accommodated. With 9,791 possible combinations the reprogrammable lock offers a high degree of security as the lock can easily be reset without the […]

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Panel fittings and electrical protection online

6 May 2016

We are delighted that now after nearly 2 years our Online shop has proven so popular – it enables customers to see, order and receive our extensive ranges of specialist ex-stock enclosure and cabinet hardware from gasket seals to swinghandles and winghandles as well as hinges and handles in zinc die, engineering plastics and stainless […]

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New illuminating indicator for quarter-turn locks

29 April 2016
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We like this new little gadget – its an LED module from DIRAK  which provides users with a flashing red alert on quarter-turn locks to indicate an “open” status, so addressing problems of doors being left fully or partially open. Of course this is especially obvious in low light conditions acting as a reminder to time […]

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Polyamide hinges – low cost alternatives to stainless steel

24 April 2016
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We now carry a wide selection of panel hinges in engineering grade polyamide plastic which offer good looks, good strength and low cost for enclosure doors and general access. These are frequently an excellent alternative to stainless steel, where good resistance to corrosion is required but not the ultimate heavy duty strength of stainless. Glass reinforced polyamide is a […]

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New DIRAK multi-point compression lock system from FDB Panel Fittings

15 April 2016
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The new DIRAK compression rod latch facilitates a multi-point 3 or 5 point system with 4mm clamping at each latching point so ensuring constant pressure over the entire edge length with a high degree of sealing. It will be suited to large electrical and electronic cabinets in outdoor or internal wash-down areas. The quality die-cast […]

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