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Rocfast locks online

We are delighted to now have a section at our Online store dealing with Rocfast assembled locks sealing to IP65 featuring different inserts and body/cam combinations in zinc die as well as some in stainless steel AISI 316/304.

Ease of installation with these fully assembled locks saves time and assembly errors while ensuring speedy installation in all types of enclosures or cabinets. Assembled quarter-turn locks are the generic choice for low-level security while facilitating an excellent degree of protection against ingress of dust and water in environments from indoor to outdoor.

Rocfast assembled locks are available ex-stock for urgent delivery.

FDB Pinet hinges with parallelogram links

We are pleased to offer concealed, internal hinges from Pinet with parallelogram links as typically used in small cabinets or wall-mounted enclosures. These are now available from the Online store for applications where it is required to keep the door within the width of the body when opened. The parallelogram design offers a compact installation with a 90 to 125 degree opening.

These hinges feature parallelogram links in steel, aluminium and stainless steel – for rugged use or corrosion resistance. Fixing is with screws so they are suitable for thick doors and cabinet walls.

Also in the range is a pair of 7 axis 110 degree opening hinges especially for horizontal use with upward-opening door panels – e.g. for overhead locker type cabinets that are mounted high up, so the door can be lifted out of the way to provide clear access.

FDB- enclosure hardware

By the nature of how quarter turns are specified and installed, they are traditionally ordered as components with the customer identifying the body length, insert type and cam configuration so as to ensure a correct fit and closure. This would normally leave the installing engineer (or assistant) to do the assembly as required – the FDB Rocfast system now enables a customer to have these parts fully assembled prior to delivery.

Most locks are quite simple but others are fiddly and time-consuming to fit together – especially where a high degree of sealing is involved and separate O rings or gasket needs careful placement eg compression locks. The Rocfast team here at FDB is skilled at these assembly operations with quick delivery in mind.

Rocfast lock assembly from FDB


Contact us to see how Rocfast assembly and logistics can speed your installation process.

Self-adhesive sponge rubber gasket tapes now ex-stock from the FDB Online store

Rectangular cut sheet or extruded gasket sections from our FDB Online store offer a simple enclosure door sealing solution. They are readily fixed to a flat enclosure frame or door panel where the rubber can interact with a compression edge of the mating component, so enabling the level of IP sealing to be increased. Sizes range from 8mm x 2mm up to 50mm x 50mm.

Closed cell sponge rubber tapes are cut from EPDM or CR with a self-adhesive and non-stretching backing. Special non-standard dimensions are available on request – usually within a three-week time frame.

The rectangular seals with a surface skin finish are made from EPDM or Neoprene extrusion and are available both with or without one-sided self-adhesive. They are non-stretching and in the self-adhesive format they come with glue on the self-adhesive side as an assembly aid. For permanent fixing, the seals can be supplied with acrylic foam (AF) adhesive.

Concealed hinge from FDB Panel Fittings used in public information pillars in Cape Town, South Africa

Simple weld-on hinges offer robust operation with secure fixing and robust operation with lift-off facility – we have a selection of these hinges for enclosure and cabinet doors – many of them available ex-stock for urgent delivery from our Online store.

Weld on stainless steel hinges from FDB


VEF2 variable earth leakage protection relay from FDB Electrical

We are pleased to offer our VEF series of Variable earth leakage protection relays at our Online store. The range includes the VEF 21 with control voltage of 24V – 240V AC/Dc, trip current: 0.02A -30A (in 3 ranges) and time delay: 20mSec – 2 Secs (in 2 ranges).

VEF 41 with trip current: 20mA to 2.0A (in 2 ranges), time delay: 20mSec – 2 Secs (in 2 ranges) and integral CT: 28mm Ø. Top of the range is the VEF 51 with iIntegral CT: 46mm Ø. All units are fully encapsulated in a halogen-free, polycarbonate enclosure with 35mm din-rail or chassis mounting to ensure easy installation in new systems or upgrades.

For other ratings or custom panels – contact us here.

Enclosure gaskets to fit frame edges ex-stock and Online from FDB Panel Fittings

These Clip-on profiles now available from our Online store combine the characteristics of edge protection profiles and sealing profiles. Their Clip-on design enables quick and convenient installation to provide effective enclosure sealing when fitted to a flange edge. This gives rise to the description “P” type gasket and it is the hollow “P” section that allows a door clamping range from 0.8mm to 6.00mm. This is especially useful when paired with compression latches which typically provide a 6mm clamping range. In these situations, the hollow section can be punched to release internal pressure as the “P” part is compressed.

Combination clip-on sealing profiles extend the properties of edge protection to include sealing by featuring, a sealing part of the profile made of sponge rubber which is then bonded by vulcanization during the extrusion process to a soft rubber with a steel clip-on core.

Our combination profiles consist of PVC with closed cell sponge rubber profiles. These sponge rubber elements are made of high-quality synthetic rubber and are characterized by a high age resistance and great elasticity. The profiles made of NBR are oil-resistant and tested according to UL standards.

FDB Bridge handles

We are aware that the term “handle” covers a wealth of types and styles – which is why we carry stock in depth with listing of 99 line items at our Online store for urgent delivery under the headings of:FDB L and T handles for electrical and electronic cabinets and enclosuresTrimline IP65 swinghandles from FDB Panel Fittings

FDB enclosure gasket to fit channels

These popular gaskets are commonly used to fit a channel on an enclosure frame or door where the hollow section seals against flat mounting surface and tightens into the channel when compressed, to increase sealing. Being flexible and easily compressed this design of gasket is readily installed even around 90° corners without warping or folding.

The profile design features 4-lip sections for optimal sealing of doors and panels, with high tolerance compensation at minimal compression, which enables balanced sealing properties between gasket/frame and gasket/door. Special central lips on the profiles allow defined longitudinal movement but prevent the profiles from falling out when opening the door, they hold the gasket in place so that it retains its correct position while the double symmetry of the 4-lip profiles prevents incorrect fitting. The result is that the compression forces between gasket/frame and gasket/door are nearly the same and consequently the profile provides consistent performance properties. The profile characteristics are the same for both high-pressure and vacuum applications.

Snapline fasteners from FDB Panel Fittings

Snap-line fasteners and joiners featuring the innovative D-Snap® technology offer Tool-less installation with no mounting hardware required. They are suitable for joining panels in order to construct enclosures, desks and other custom housings.

This well-engineered fastening technology ensures innovation and quality in specialist panels. DIRAK-SNAP-Technology combines flexibility, convenience, and security in every application, without the need for tools. These products slide perfectly through the panel cutout and snap into position, creating a strong and secure connection. There is no possibility for loosening or turning. The DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is reliable, sophisticated, and the perfect solution for your application.

Snapline panel joiners are supplimented with locks, handles, swinghandles and hinges to enable the whole cabinet to be constructed from flat pack, on site if required.