From DIRAK and FDB Panel Fittings – a protective key for mirror polished hygiene locks

We are pleased to offer a special new Double D profile key for hygiene locks which protects against micro scratch surface damage when used in operation. This new key helps to maintain the strict performance conditions required by the food processing industry, requirements which include the use of hygiene rated quarter turn latch/locks which have mirror-polished surfaces in order to protect against accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

DIRAK hygiene locks have been tested in accordance with DGUV Test Certificate NV 13090 and it is important that they remain pristine in service as these mirror surfaces may be easily scratched with a metal key – making them difficult to clean properly and giving the possibility of bacterial build up.

DIRAK have therefore developed a new 13mm double D hygienic key made of high strength Grivory® industrial plastic, to prevent operational scratch damage to these mirror surfaces.  This high-quality material ensures that the key is both strong and robust while protecting the polished surface of the lock insert.

Quarter turn hygiene latches from FDB/DIRAK with SW13 security inserts are now available with Red or Blue O-rings to suit FDA colour coding for food and other internal processing areas, where they are resistant to dirt and easy to clean by virtue of their polished surfaces and smooth transition radii. This new hygiene key is the perfect accessory – coloured blue tor easy identification in hygienic applications – a company logo can be added on request.

FDB custom panels for electrical control and protection

When business generally is slow this is traditionally a time when companies restructure and upgrade to match the new situation by replacing old equipment – it is a time when custom protective panels are often called for. Here at FDB we have experience in assembly of all our earth monitoring and protection devices to meet customer requirements.

FDB stainless steel wingknob

This new DIRAK stainless steel IP65/66 Wing Knob makes life easy for builders of small cabinets and wall mounting enclosures. It is easy to fit and to operate with one handed twist and open quarter turn functionality.

Stainless steel AISI 316 construction with or without cylinder lock and the capacity to fit doors up to 8 mm thick, means that this new wing knob is great for steel, grp, plastic or laminate doors. This means it is suitable for use in outside environments or for indoor installations where its compact size creates limited intrusion.

Naturally a range of cams is offered to suit with grounding nut to maintain earthing continuity. Our experienced team at the FDB Rocfast assembly and logistics service is available to ensure correct specification, assembly and delivery.

FDB VEF21 variable earth leakage protection relay

VEF 21, VEF41 and VEF 51 are Variable Earth Leakage Protection Relays available for urgent delivery from our Online store with choice of operating voltages 24V or 240V AC/DC plus time delay and EF adjustment – they include integral test and reset buttons. Also available are matching core balance transformers.

Other Earth Leakage Relays are available at out FDB Electrical site – for details see here – also please contact us for order information.

New Pinet aluminium hinges

31 October 2020
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These new Pinet Aluminium Profile Spring hinges from our panel fittings team offer a range of features which enable specialist panel builders to achieve high quality solutions to regular enclosure problems of door closure by means of integral spring operation. Clean design from the aluminium profiles with clear or black anodized finishes to the hinge […]

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DIRAK Snapline alternative hardware with D-Snap technology

23 October 2020
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As specialists in enclosure and cabinet hardware we have always liked the alternative approach of DIRAK’s Snapline and the D-Snap technology which lies at it’s heart. It is an approach that offers much in terms of self assembly with the possibility of creating a range of modular cabinets from a small selection of standard panels […]

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Bridge handles for cabinets, drawers, cases, instruments, panels,

19 October 2020
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We know that customers often need these common items and call them by different names – bridge handles, bow handles, drawer handles or grab handles but they are just so common that the many types available are easy to forget so – we thought it worthwhile to show those we have at our Online store […]

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Rocfast lock assembly and logistics ready to help rebuild the industrial enclosures industry

9 October 2020
Thumbnail image for Rocfast lock assembly and logistics ready to help rebuild the industrial enclosures industry

Like many companies, here at FDB Panel Fittings we have kept working and supplying from stock with one eye to the future – and the need to restart and rebuild our industrial base. As front-line suppliers of hardware for everything from control systems to medical devices, our team are aware that online/phone ordering and delivery […]

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Wall mounting enclosed power protection units

2 October 2020
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Our FDB 2,11,13 and 21 series from the Online store make up a package of power protection units for use in general industrial purposes such as warehousing, manufacturing, offices, utilities, public services, residential blocks and similar. These units comprise fully equipped wall mounting steel enclosures housing MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs to varying specifications – see […]

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New Telescopic Cover Supports for control desks – tops and covers

25 September 2020
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New DIRAK telescopic cover supports are now available from FDB Panel Fittings for covers and top leaves of industrial control desks, and for side inspection covers of large machines. These robust supports offer easy to use automatic locking and unlocking functionality integral to the guide mechanism – just lift and release for positive mechanical support […]

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