FDB13 - 400V 3 phase DC immune protection from FDB Electrical

Our top end DC immune protection FDB13 unit is approved by Network Rail for use in DC electrified areas for general purpose earth monitoring, RCD/RCBO overload and short circuit protection of 3 phase 400V circuits. This ensures electrical safety protection for ancillary AC equipment without the nuisance tripping associated with induced currents from nearby high level DC installations.

Protection of AC equipment with FDB13 in installations adjacent to DC electrified areas has been proven over 40 years of development. Importantly it incorporates loss of neutral indication and comes with overload and short circuit protection – features which are likely to be of interest to electrical contractors, design engineers and plant engineers working in and around rail industry installations where induced DC current may cause problems in adjacent AC lines.

FDB13 units are offered in 3 ranges – 10 to 32 amp, 40 to 63 amp and 80 to 100 amp, all available from the FDB online store. They conform to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB) with IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA, and are mounted in an IP20 steel surface mounting enclosure complete with knockouts for easy installation.

The FDB13 is available from our online shop at – www.fdbonline.co.uk.

FDB gasket profiles for specialist enclosures

Our Online shop now has a varied selection of sealing gasket profiles from closed cell self adhesive neoprene through edge clip P sections to window gaskets, edge protection sections, bladed sections and push fit insert profiles – also featuring a very useful radius adapter which allows the gasket section to flow round the corner without gluing or kinking.FDB enclosure gasket radius adapter

Sealing of specialist enclosures for the electrical, electronic and hydraulic/pneumatic control and distribution industries has been a long term focus for our team here at FDB – so we know a thing or two about the subject – see our Knowledege base download or use our online shop filter to clarify what you need – or if you prefer just call the team who will be delighted to help you select the optimum gasket solution. Contact us here.

Surface mounted 120 degree door hinge with secured hinge pin from FDB Panel Fittings

Our new 4-124 120° concealed hinge is designed for surface mounted doors on specialist enclosures and cabinets where it enables easy door removal/re-fitting without loss of the securely retained hinge pin.

Service, maintenance or repair of equipment may be carried out with peace of mind knowing that the hinge pin is held in place with a cleverly designed clip in POM plastic. This mechanism also ensures that the pin does not shake free when subject to vibration during transport for example or onsite during installation.

The 4-124 is available for weld-on or screw-on fitment (zinc plated steel with M6 screws) in either LH or RH configurations.

FDB stainless steel swinghandles - also L and T handles

With approaching 100 handles in our Online store and many more available direct with a phone call or e-mail we have lots of possibilities for cabinets and enclosures of all types – from specialist electrical housings and electronic racks to office equipment and desk drawers – our range includes IP65 swinghandles, traditional L and T types as well as wingknobs, recessed handles and bridge type grab/pull handles. Lock range from FDB

So for locks and latches with handles or paddle handles and handles for padlocks our Online shop has the lot in polyamide plastic, zinc diecast or stainless steel!

If you don’t see what you want then do call or e-mail our helpful tech’ sales team

New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

29 June 2016
Thumbnail image for New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

When vibrating machines are mounted they often require the vibration to be damped out for the benefit of personnel or adjacent equipment. Likewise, delicate machines and instruments require to be isolated from external vibration – the Harter F100 damper does this. These F100 series mounting dampers allow the interposition of rubber spring elements configured as […]

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Confused about Hinges? – Buy Online

24 June 2016
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Buy hinges online at the FDB online store and use our hinge calculator to work out what ex-stock hinges you need. With nearly 200 different hinges to choose from for everything from specialist electrical and electronic cabinets to office or domestic cupboard and room doors our FDB Online store is the place for quick supply of standard […]

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FDB 11 expandable modular Network Rail approved electrical protection

10 June 2016
Thumbnail image for FDB 11 expandable modular Network Rail approved electrical protection

Our FDB 11 is a modular range of general purpose earth leakage protection units complete with overload and short circuit protection, and approved by Network Rail for use in DC electrified areas. They are configured in a modular arrangement so that multiple units may be installed and added to over time to create a modular grid […]

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Special Hygiene locks for wash down areas

3 June 2016
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The new range of hygiene locks from Dirak now includes a “standard” quarter turn lock plus an L version and a T handle as well as a compression lock – all in fantastically stylish designs with exceptionally clean lines – they are made of bright finished AISI 316L stainless steel and have distinctive blue silicone […]

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FDB11 RCBO offers Approved Network Rail DC Immune Protection for electrical equipment in DC areas

26 May 2016
Thumbnail image for FDB11 RCBO offers Approved Network Rail DC Immune Protection for electrical equipment in DC areas

Where protection of AC equipment is required in areas adjacent to powerful DC currents – as in electrified rail environments – then the special technology of the FDB11 RCBO panel is typically called for as approved by Network Rail. This FDB11 unit has developed from some 40 years involvement with BR/Network Rail installations and is […]

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Panel hardware selection – an optimal balance

20 May 2016

Here at FDB Panel Fittings there are many years of combined experience in supplying panel hardware, from which we have found that the selection process for correct panel hardware is largely to do with the application. For example there is little point in fitting low cost, light duty locks and hinges to enclosures destined for use in […]

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