FDB Panel Fittings Bridge handles

We know that customers often need these common items and call them by different names – bridge handles, bow handles, drawer handles or grab handles but they are just so common that the many types available are easy to forget so – we thought it worthwhile to show those we have at our Online store – ex-stock for urgent delivery.

As with all FDB Panel Fittings items they may be bundled logistically with assembled locks and other hardware items in a Rocfast package as a production or installation kit for delivery to site.

FDB Rocfast lock assembly and logistics

Like many companies, here at FDB Panel Fittings we have kept working and supplying from stock with one eye to the future – and the need to restart and rebuild our industrial base. As front-line suppliers of hardware for everything from control systems to medical devices, our team are aware that online/phone ordering and delivery to the customer door are even more important than ever.

The Rocfast service is not new – but has been in strong demand for the way we are able to rapidly configure hardware components including locks of all types. This is especially important when supply of component parts is difficult – so FDB can speed specification, assembly and delivery by using specialist knowledge of the market coupled with long term relationships, to save time, money and mistakes, and to get us all moving more easily when the present situation eases.

Typically the Rocfast system could provide a careful investigation of the specification and supply parameters so that, for example, a suitable assembly of ¼ turn camlock, budget lock or stainless steel lock might be identified – coupled with perhaps a piano hinge or internal weld-on hinges – packed together with a pre-cut length of clip on sealing profile – with packs to be delivered in batch quantities.

Explained our MD Gary Miles “Under the present very difficult circumstances FDB Panel Fittings are delighted that we are able to offer our Rocfast “home delivery” service – a complete specification and logistics package that saves time, money and mistakes by guiding customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.”

This Rocfast program focuses primarily on lock assembly including all major industry brands – and is designed to take the hard work out of an order process that often requires specification of individual lock components and time consuming self-assembly prior to installation. Our expert team rapidly identify the optimum specification of components then order, assemble and deliver to site, to workshop or to metal former/subcontractor in line with the company theme of providing “Panel Fittings for every Enclosure”.

Electrical protection units from FDB Electrical

Our FDB 2,11,13 and 21 series from the Online store make up a package of power protection units for use in general industrial purposes such as warehousing, manufacturing, offices, utilities, public services, residential blocks and similar.

These units comprise fully equipped wall mounting steel enclosures housing MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs to varying specifications – see here – ready to install for your specific project.

New FDB/DIRAK Telescopic Cover Supports for control desks - tops and covers

New DIRAK telescopic cover supports are now available from FDB Panel Fittings for covers and top leaves of industrial control desks, and for side inspection covers of large machines.

These robust supports offer easy to use automatic locking and unlocking functionality integral to the guide mechanism – just lift and release for positive mechanical support while maintaining or adjusting internal equipment. Simply extend and retract 3 cm to automatically lock in place and support the cover, then extend 3 cm and release to close.

The telescopic guides are separately riveted with a locking lever made of stainless steel – giving a retracted/extended length of 215/365mm or 395/695mm.

This sturdy design may be used in RH or LH application – or in pairs for heavy or long desk tops and panels that may require bracing at each end either to support extra weight or to counter flexing of the panel.

Quarter turn lock bodies 18mm to 60mm

17 September 2020
Thumbnail image for Quarter turn lock bodies 18mm to 60mm

We are glad to be able to offer our customers a wide selection of quarter turn lock body housings in sizes from 18mm  to 60mm length, with lock cams of 35mm and 45mm length. A quick look at our Rockfast assembly and cam selection guides shows how doors and frames may be matched with depths […]

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New Pinet aluminium profile hinges

11 September 2020
Thumbnail image for New Pinet aluminium profile hinges

Specialist cabinets deserve specialist hinges like these new T5 aluminium profile items in a classic “piano-style” of 60mm, 90mm or 120mm length with spring-assisted operation, which comes in three different levels of force rating. Clear or black anodized finishes suit industry, office or specialist vehicle situations, or other general environments where their design aesthetic suits […]

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Let us help your recovery plan with “panel fittings for every enclosure”

4 September 2020
Thumbnail image for Let us help your recovery plan with “panel fittings for every enclosure”

It seems that every company in the UK and beyond is working on a recovery plan – and we at FDB can help – our team of experienced sales/admin people have been working hard to ensure that our customers get all the panel fitting hardware that you need. We have in fact been very busy […]

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New Pinet Stainless Steel Friction hinges

28 August 2020
Thumbnail image for New Pinet Stainless Steel Friction hinges

The humble hinge is constantly being developed and upgraded to ensure that specialist enclosure or cabinet makers have the right component whatever the application. A good example is the new Pinet range  – in this case their new dual-function 301 Stainless Steel torque/friction variants to help regulate door opening/closing with a torque or friction function. […]

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The FDB Rocfast recovery plan

21 August 2020

  Our Rocfast lock assembly and logistics service offers a major support to panel builders and other hardware users wherever you are – providing timely support in any recovery plan from the global Covid pandemic – our team here at FDB can streamline your specification and assembly of panel hardware, packed in on-site door kits […]

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New Spring Hinge, with new features for ease of operation from Pinet

13 August 2020
Thumbnail image for New Spring Hinge, with new features for ease of operation from Pinet

Even the simple and popular rolled knuckle spring hinge now comes with dual-function spring opening assistance, courtesy of the Pinet/FDB Panel Fittings sales partnership. These aluminium hinges in discrete “piano-style” are suitable for industrial applications from workshop to office. They feature integral spring support which balances the weight for easier operation. Two different force loadings […]

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