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Robust mid-range locks with excellent IP ratings

The team here at FDB Panel Fittings are keen to tell us that the Online store now offers ex-stock mid and high-range enclosure lock programs which include quarter turn latches, locks, wing-knobs, spanner locks, all with excellent IP ratings, typically to IP65 degrees of sealing, Dependent on selection they advise that they offer excellent industrial quality/performance in robust zinc diecast or engineering level polyamide and are available for urgent delivery.

In addition, there are ex-stock high-quality stainless steel locks and latches for food, pharmaceutical and other industries where the demand is for tough construction and smooth crevice-free design to IP65/67/69K as well as vibration-proof compression features.

medium T handle

We continue to see demand for traditional T handles which suit cabinets and enclosures in many public space applications and in industrial situations generally. We have a variety of sizes in stock – manufactured in chrome-finished zinc die with/without caulking cam as required. A selection of small T versions in our 1600 series are ex-stock from the Online store in both locking and non-locking formats.


Closed cell sponge rubber gasket seals from FDB Panel Fittings

These closed cell sponge rubber tapes ex-stock from our Online store are made of EPDM or CR. 6mm x 4mm up to 20mm x 5mm they are useful for enclosure door sealing or for other industrial access panels eg on machines or HVAC.

Features include:
• Self-adhesive and non-stretching.
• Other standard dimensions are available on request.
• Special dimensions are available to order within 3 weeks.
• Sponge rubber tapes: EPDM or CR
• Storeability: 6 month


Our FDB27/M series offers specialist RCD Protection for Communications Vehicles – originally designed and supplied to UK armed forces – hence the “M” reference.

They comprise a range of special-purpose RCD protection units for military communications vehicles with in-line filters.

These RCD protection units were designed in accordance with MOD specifications, with six standard variants according to voltage/current rating.

Contact us for details.

FDB Panel Fittings – diecast hinges

We are pleased to offer traditional style diecast hinges for use on the outside of enclosures where they can facilitate lift-off operation, to ensure easy removal of doors for access to internal equipment during installation or maintenance. They provide a robust door mounting with an industrial aesthetic that suits heavy doors and multi-compartment cabinets with lay-on doors, which is ideal for industrial/commercial/office/retail enclosures for machine tool equipment – also factory controls, distribution panels, HVAC access, safety guards, IT/Telco cabinets, processing equipment and similar.

This popular range of hinges are now available ex-stock for urgent delivery from the FDB Online store. Mounting is by means of cast-in mounting studs which are simply inserted through pre-punched holes and secured with internal nuts. Installation can be arranged with both hinges oriented in the same direction for lift-off or with one up and one down to lock the door in place so it is not removable. Extra-large or heavy doors may be accommodated with three or four hinge units to provide additional capacity.

Other diecast hinges are offered in the associated range where butt hinges and pedestal hinges suit flush doors and internal hinges provide a fully concealed installation with separate screw fixing. Diecast hinges can be supplied in black or natural self-colour for overpainting to match the panel appearance. Internally mounted hinges do not lift off and are fixed with separate screws.

FDB Quarter Turn L and T handles Online

Our team here at FDB Panel Fittings Online store is delighted to announce that we now have full stock of easy-to-fit traditional L and T style lock handles for all types of generic industrial applications, from production line to office, specialist vehicles to marine, offshore to hangers, control rooms to distribution centres.

With sophisticated ergonomic design, they typically come easily to hand and are comfortable to use. Their leverage allows operation of internal rod systems for multi-point gasket sealing and added security, which is increasingly important for the protection of sophisticated digital process controls. Also, the Panel Fittings Online store now carries wing-knob inserts which function as smaller variants for wall-mounted enclosures. Likewise, standard “spanner lock” style inserts for standard quarter turns enable the use of an extended handle key, which offers enhanced leverage in situations where a larger fixed handle is not appropriate.

Well suited to office and industrial applications, these modern variants of a proven traditional L and T designs are convenient and natural in feeling during operation, excellent in larger spaces, suit floor standing cabinets and large enclosures. They are available in polyamide, zinc die chrome and black powder coat, plus in polished stainless steel with a wide selection carried in stock for urgent delivery to customers production facility or project site.


FDB diecast hinges

Simple diecast hinges are the sort of detail that can easily get left to the end in the design process – so it is helpful that we have a great selection at our Online store – ex-stock and ready for urgent delivery. They provide a secure internal fixing with many variants also offering a lift-off function when required.

Dicast hinges are robust and suited to use with heavy doors where multiple hinges can be installed – eg three or four where needed.

Quarter Turns – Thousands of possible combinations

Our team here at FDB Panel Fittings have calculated that there are now over 116,000 possible combinations of standard components available at the Online store. The list includes bodies in zinc die chrome, zinc die black, polyamide black, 316 stainless steel, handle inserts – T and L, star knobs, wing knobs, spanner locks, with multiple types of tabs and cams.

As well as supplying standard inserts, we are delighted to also supply handle inserts which turn a standard quarter-turn latch/lock into a handle. These include T-Handles, L-Handles, Star Knobs and Wing Knobs in various styles, plus for locks used in dusty environments we offer dust caps, and finger pulls for easy opening of panels.

The Online store offers customers an easy-to-use sourcing tool including accessories such as serrated lock washers for applications where the securing nut may become loose and earth (grounding) nuts which have sharp protrusions intended to cut through the painted coating on the metalwork. A novel addition is the low cost slide-shoe which helps provide a positive compression, and reduces the friction and paint damage caused by constant operation.

Also available at the Online store is our Rocfast assembly and logistics service which guides component selection to supply fully assembled locks or packaging kits and delivering to production or installation site. The Rocfast assembly service offers to provide specifiers with a quick and simple means of getting the exact quarter-turns they need, to the specification they choose, pre-assembled and delivered on time.