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Stainless steel panel hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

Specialist industrial enclosures for electrical and electronic installations frequently call for doors to be easily removable in the course of installation or maintenance. Our Online store offers ex-stock availability of many hinges in this category for fitting either to the exterior or interior of the housing, with screws or by welding.

New lift-off 180° cabinet hinge by DIRAK from FDB Panel Fittings

The range covers zinc die and zinc-plated steel, as well as many in stainless steel for arduous environments.

FDB Electrical protection components

With the UK’s building project gathering pace once again, our FDB Online store is pleased to announce a high-quality range of enclosed electrical protection devices, alongside a wide range of panel mounting components for the installation of customised industrial systems. These protective devices are typically used on industrial/commercial sites, utilities, health and welfare facilities, military and civilian airfields, and similar. Rail-approved equipment is available with DC immune characteristics.

Fully enclosed protection equipment from FDB Electrical Online includes the FDB 2 modular multi-way RCBO, the FDB 11 and the FDB 13 series general-purpose RCD with overload and short circuit protection, with the Home Office FDB21 “Interruptible” RCD/MCB and the FDB27 unit for Protection of Ground Support Equipment – a range of earth leakage/earth monitoring devices for protection of personnel and plant in RAF/RNAS hangars.

Specialist components are also available ex-stock for incorporation into custom protection systems enabling panel builders to choose from a selection of remote core transformers, universal earth leakage protection relays, multi-function RCDs, and earth fault monitors.

FDB multi-point cabinet closure

As the name suggests we are long term specialists in servicing the panel building industry – so we are pleased to announce that our ex-stock selection of multi-point cabinet closure hardware is available from the FDB Online store. These swinghandles and rod systems enable enclosures and cabinets to be equipped with high-quality closure systems which support appropriate IP protection and security levels.

Multi-point rod locking with robust swinghandles can offer improved gasket pull-down forces distributed more evenly around the periphery of large doors, with added resistance to attempts of forced opening.

Swinghandles to IP65 are available with single or double-cylinder locks, also with combination or padlock adaptations, and as security tested anti-vandal versions. These swinghandles facilitate single, double, triple or five-point closure with round or flat rods to suit the application and offer comfortable high torque operation for large doors. Zinc die, polyamide or stainless steel materials in black or polished finishes are offered as appropriate.

Swinghandles and rod systems are available ex-stock from the FDB Online store and may be supplied within our Rocfast assembly and logistics package.

Custom built power protection panels post image

When it comes to industrial power protection our standard enclosed units like the FDB11 the FDB13 FDB2 and FDB21 available urgently from our Online store suit most situations – but they also provide a sound basis for adaptation and full custom installations. 

Indoor/outdoor equipment is supplied in steel, GRP or stainless steel to suit harsh environments above and below ground. A variety of finishes is available and we offer a technical advisory service to assist with any special applications.

FDB Slam Latches

Our Online store is proving an excellent resource for specialist panel builders needing a single point of contact for many different latch configurations such as slam latches. Slam latch variants from sales partners including DIRAK and others are listed with sliding door latches, push-button types, sliding latches, refrigeration style and a stainless steel flush T handle. These robust slam latches all offer simple, secure closure for many industrial applications with fiddle-free, slam and forget closure.

Barrel push-button latches from FDB Online are suitable for small doors on cabinets and are often used for electronic equipment, while the circular T handle latch in AISI 316 stainless steel is great where corrosion protection is needed and space is limited. Sliding latches are appropriate to specialist vehicles and general-purpose closure, while the C38 slam latch with inside safety release is widely used in large size insulated enclosures or containerised units – where a surface mounted latch is preferable to avoid breaching the integrity of the door. With its slam action against a roller striker, this unit can be used on doors flush fit against the frame and features a glow-in-the-dark inside safety “punch” handle for emergency release. It incorporates through holes for a padlock hasp where additional security is required to lock the handle more permanently.

Industrial locks and lock components post image

Traditionally locks for enclosures and cabinets have been supplied as components since each application may call for different body lengths or cam off-sets – also possibly different sealing levels and different key styles. This has been addressed by our team here at FDB Panel Fittings with the Online and Rocfast service which enables customers to select the component combination to suit their needs and to receive the assembled lock with everything in place.

FDB11 RCBO from FDB Electrical offers rail industry standard DC protection

The FDB 11 and FDB 13 are a 110V to 440V series providing RCD and MCB electrical protection suitable for industrial installations – they are modular in configuration so allowing adjacent fixing. Full details can be reviewed here.

Quarter-turn locks and latches ex-stock and online support recovery growth post image

Gary Miles – our MD here at FDB Panel Fittings Gary Miles points out that Quarter-turn locks and latches can be used as a secure closure mechanism for numerous applications such as industrial enclosures, and similar; they are comprised of a housing, an insert, and a cam. This simple device has become so widely used that it is relied on almost unconsciously such that we have for many years focused on ensuring quality and availability to the specialist panel building industry, through our Online store.

Gary explains “At a time like this it is especially important that we offer an ex-stock program of standard quarter-turns and others with unique properties, such as compression quarter-turns with vibration resistance. These quarter-turns can be ordered in a range of materials, including polyamide, stainless steel, or zinc die-cast. Additionally, we can provide individual components that complement our extensive quarter-turn offering, such as customized gaskets, grounding clips, and so much more. In fact, we have over 30 standard inserts for quarter-turns plus customized inserts and the possibility to assemble using screws, welding or without tools.”

“In most applications, quarter-turns are the ideal solution to protect against unauthorized access; in some cases, we advise using both a quarter-turn and rod latch especially where a larger door is fitted or enhanced sealing is required.”

The team here at FDB have re-doubled their efforts to support the UK manufacturing supply chain where the consistent provision of simple components like quarter turns can be a crucial element in the completion of a project.

Gasket sealing for enclosures

Gasket, sealing profiles, window sealing and associated accessories for virtually all industrial applications are now available via our ex-stock Online store or through programmed order/delivery to match production schedules.

Ideal for enclosures and electrical cabinets, we offer a variety of gaskets optimized for respective applications.

Explains our MD Gary Miles “We offer an extensive range of gaskets, along with customized sections based on a customer’s unique application needs. Depending on a customer’s requirements, we provide gaskets made of PVC, EPDM, Neoprene, NBR, or a combination of foam rubber and PVC.”

For example, many of the EPDM seals by sales partner DIRAK adhere to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety standards. This certification constitutes the basis for a final UL approval for the entire enclosure/cabinet and is increasingly useful as the UK gears up for growth in worldwide export markets.

In addition to standard self-locking door sealing profiles and rectangular self-adhesive sections, we offer edge protection designs and window glazing gasket. Where electromagnetic compatibility is necessary, they can also supply special profiles with EMC/RFI shielding in combination with water and dust sealing.

DIRAK swinghandle range from FDB Panel Fittings

Our Online store offers a selection of standard swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets as the modern alternative standard product solution for industrial installations. Swinghandles have a low profile and so reduce safety concerns over clothing especially in narrow corridors, they provide excellent leverage and torque to deal with high closure forces required with the sealing of large doors. Swinghandles offer a wide selection of options for security of access and for sealing of the cabinet – they can also reduce transit damage by virtue of their low profile – so they may be factory-installed where otherwise an L or T handle may require onsite installation.

Today’s swinghandle is a well-considered, time proven, well designed, and manufactured package – and is increasingly being chosen in stainless steel for hygiene related equipment.