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locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and other enclosure accessories from FDB Panel Fittings

For over 40 years we at FDB Panel Fittings have taken pride in developing a specialist service for the supply of panel and electrical enclosure hardware. The relationships we have created with major international manufacturers to supply UK manufacturing industry have never been more important and are key to keeping locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and other enclosure accessories flowing. We understand that customers in the metal and plastic fabrication industries are reliant on these relationships – especially specialist panel builders and OEMs so we are all working to support the survival and recovery of UK industry.

FDB Online is the preferred channel for day to day requirements and we are only a call away for anything else. 


DIRAK quarter-turn with flat head from FDB Panel Fittings

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we have jointly launched the new DIRAK L36 IP65/67 Quarter-Turn latch/lock with Flat Head, which offers an especially flat and stable installation where a smooth low-profile head is important for aesthetic and safety reasons. The L36 and other specialist quarter turns can be ordered via our Online store.

Thanks to the very low/flat head profile, this new shape fits well into the overall appearance of machines and housings and lines up smoothly with the surface. It is also available in the three most popular finishes: matte chrome-plated, glossy chrome and black. The matte chrome plating especially follows current design trends, is unobtrusive and is tolerant of scratches and similar damage. The new flat head shape is available in stainless steel and PA (offering IP69K) as a vibration-proof safety quarter-turn for corrosion-prone environments.

These flat head quarter turns are particularly suitable for use in machine and plant construction, furniture making and in the metalworking industry. The housing length of 36mm offers more stability and is suitable for door- thicknesses up to a maximum of 26mm. It can be upgraded in combination with a matching seal kit for protection ratings to IP65 and IP67 and installed in the Pr20.1 specification rounded corner square cut out with pre-assembled cam.

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Dirak quarter-turn hygiene latch from FDB

At a time when the need for high-performance hardware is rapidly increasing, we are delighted to offer a full program of stainless steel locks, hinges, handles and swinghandles for your freestanding cabinets and wall-mounted enclosures. Our Online store offers ex-stock delivery for food/medical and vandal related applications as well as for general purpose situations where stainless steel is indicated.

Or contact our experienced team for information about our extended ranges and services including Rocfast assembly/logistics.

Panel mounting components » Earth Line Monitors post image

Within our range of panel mounting items including RCDs, Earth Continuity Monitors and special purpose electrical protection devices we have a good selection of Velem and Emguard Earth Line Monitors for panel mounting as part of specialist safety systems – available in 110V, 240V and 440V options – for quick delivery from our Online store.



D snap technology application from FDB

Here at FDB Panel Fittings, we and our sales partner DIRAK became aware of customer feedback which indicated that customers in the areas of furniture, lighting, electrical housings, electronics, building fixtures and fittings, were tired of wasting time dealing with screws, washers, back-nuts and other loose parts. It seemed that assemblers and installers would welcome a simple click fit and comprehensive program of enclosure/cabinet hardware without all the fiddling about. A clear case of responding to the market by bringing innovation to panel assembly.

By connecting ideas in a new way, the engineering team developed a pioneering technology which they called DIRAK-SNAP-Technology (DST). The resulting system offers easily made high-strength panel connections, without the use of any tools – so that specialist panel builders can create the perfect solution, simply and securely in seconds. A system which offers precise, quick installation with reduced assembly time and high retention, safe, vibration proof service.

Because it is error-free and reliable – DIRAK-SNAP-Technology ensures proper installation greatly reducing the risk of assembly errors, such as improper torque specs. An audible click confirms proper assembly which is helpful especially in applications which are hard to access. Safe and convenient removal is assured with either standard or DIRAK specific tools.

The DST series offers an unlimited variety of possible hardware components with a well-engineered fastening technology that ensures quality assemblies. DIRAK-SNAP-Technology combines flexibility, convenience, and security in every application, without the need for tools as these products slide perfectly through the panel cut out and snap into position A strong and secure fixing is created with no possibility for loosening or turning. This DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is reliable, sophisticated, and the perfect solution for many applications.

D snap technology hardware from FDB Panel Fittings

The design concept is based on the same principle as a slam-latch, similar to those used in a door.  It is made up of two wedges with ramped edges, and a spring set into a window within the wedges. These components are then inserted into the hardware and secured with a plastic plug to keep them in place. As the DST component is pressed into the sheet metal cut out, the ramps on the wedges allow them to retract against the spring. When the ramps pass their apex, the spring pressure spreads them back outwards, resulting in the distinctive “SNAP” sound. The “SNAP” component is thereby secured into the sheet metal, resulting in a secure, high-strength connection which naturally tightens.

The DST series includes captive fasteners for light weight sheet materials as well as for heavier gauge materials and heavier duty applications e.g. enclosures and cabinets. Conceived as a complete system there is a full range of components such as: cam catch, clamping handle, clamping latch, compression latch, quarter turn locks, swinghandles, concealed hinges, removable pin hinges, external hinges for surface mounted doors, lift off hinges, adjustable hinge, bridge and bow handles, finger pull handles, slam latch, recessed pull handle, tubular handle, stainless steel hinges. A true alternative to the traditional rather fiddly nut and screw approach.

Of course, any new system has to be comparable to the existing one in critical areas, so it was important to ensure that it provided high strength and secure locking, able to withstand high load conditions and to guarantee connection and pull-forces equal to traditional fastening solutions. By virtue of their inherent design DST products are rattle, vibration and shock resistant, with the ability to withstand the heaviest strains without compromising their high-strength locking. Many DST products are tested according to DIN EN 61373 for vibration and shock and GR-63-CORE, Issue 4 for earthquakes.

In order to enable joining of different types of materials, various DST products were devised to accommodate sheet metal, plastic, or wood and to be sufficiently flexible in application to accommodate individual application requirements with reinforcement plates available to increase strength and load capacity.

Where electrical continuity is required then safe and reliable electrical grounding is achieved with easily fitted grounding clips. Where additional security is required then components requiring specialized DIRAK tools are available to address cases where vandalism or theft are concerns.

FDB Rocfast lock assembly and logistics

As a mainline panel hardware distributor and supply chain partner of many years we have connections of good standing with a wide selection of top international manufacturers. This means that we are in a position to help smooth availability problems for locks, hinges, latches, sealing and handles, where they arise in our post Brexit and continuing Covid environment. We see that UK manufacturing industry overall has rebounded close to pre-Covid levels in many sectors, and that some sectors have increased considerably because of the changes we have all experienced – here at FDB Panel Fittings and FDB Electrical we are committed to serving our customers – going that extra mile to help your business run smoothly.

So if you are in a health related production role, construction or vehicles, do view our Online shop for urgent delivery or contact us to talk to a real human being – ask to talk to us about our Rocfast lock assembly and logistics program which can save you time and deliver the right hardware direct to your site ready for installation.

Panel Fittings and accessories for every enclosure from FDB

As a focused supplier of enclosure hardware we draw support from our range of international suppliers, to ensure that post Brexit our specialist panel builder customers continue to receive a high level of ex-stock and personal service from our Panel Fittings team – and that our  customers involved in electrical installations can draw on us for their electrical protection needs. FDB Electrical Protection for industrial applications including rail and military


Of course we can see that our Online store has greatly helped to maintain customer service – but we also like talking to you so please do stay in touch personally so that we can best support you as we move into the next few months and work our way, as a country, towards a safe recovery.

FDB Happy New Year

We hope you have had a pleasant break and look forward to meeting your panel fittings requirements in 2021  – please see our Online Store for urgent enclosure hardware needs.

Otherwise we look forward to speaking with you from Jan 4th – please see here to contact.

height adjustable locking system

The new DIRAK height-adjustable door locking system comprises knurled wheel adjustment devices which offer quick set up for depth of cams or rod systems to suit varying door depths or gasket pull down requirements.

The system allows specialist enclosure and cabinet builders to simplify their component inventory and enables quick adjustment to ensure correct operation for optimum door sealing and security.

Height adjustable locking systemThe single point application fits quarter-turn locks or latches and swinghandles, while the multi-point application works with quarter turns and swinghandles – where it enables tool-less adjustment of rod actuators and rod guides to fit the correct door/frame depth.


FDB Merry Christmas