New DIRAK Swinghandle Cam Mounting from FDB Panel Fittings

The new DIRAK Swinghandle system has been enhanced with the introduction of their 3-440 Bearing Plate RS bases. These intermediary mounting accessories enable use of swinghandles with a single point polyamide latching cam or alternatively with standard cam and multi-point rod locking if required.

Installation is quick and simple with initial clip attachment to the swinghandle base, then twin screw fastening for security and sealing.

These internal support plates secure the swinghandle through doors of 1mm up to 3mm thickness and provide 270° limitation with the locking position engaged at 90°.

The “type a” bearing plate incorporates a black polyamide cam, while “type b” uses standard cams or 3-point adapter for connection into a rod closure system.

FDB Insert key latches for specialist cabinets and enclosures

Under the present circumstances we are happy to be able to offer our Rocfast “home delivery” service – a complete specification and logistics package that saves time, money and mistakes by guiding our customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.

This Rocfast program focuses primarily on lock assembly including all major industry brands – and is designed to take the hard work out of an order process that often requires specification of individual lock components and time consuming self-assembly prior to installation. The FDB expert team rapidly identify the optimum specification of components then order, assemble and deliver to site, to workshop or to metal former/subcontractor in line with their theme of providing “Panel Fittings for every Enclosure”.

The Rocfast service includes all ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys, with IP rated sealing if required, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable – the service is accessible online or by phone by contacting us here.

Over the last few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in the way we work and how we live.

With this in mind we at FDB Electrical & FDB Panel Fittings  are still open for business and providing all our customers with the service they require.

We are working extremely hard to maintain normal service regarding orders and deliveries, please continue to place your orders through your usual channels and contact us via our office numbers Electrical 02085684621 Panel Fittings 02085681616

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Rest assured we are committed to continuing our normal level of service whenever possible.

FDB 11 industrial RCBO panel

FDB 11 panels offer industrial installers a robust and easily fitted general purpose RCD with overload and short circuit protection in a steel, surface mounting enclosure c/w knockouts to IP20. The panel conforms to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB) and is available with IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA

Standard panels are available from our Online shop on rapid delivery while custom panels can usually be easily accommodated to suit most requirements – contact our experienced sales team here to discuss your specific needs.

DIRAK new IP65 swinghandle for flat rod closure systems

19 March 2020
Thumbnail image for DIRAK new IP65 swinghandle for flat rod closure systems

The new DIRAK 3-149 swinghandle is a low-profile IP65 locking handle which facilitates fitment of flat rod multi-point closure systems. This swinghandle/flat rod approach especially suits larger door cabinets which need the additional rigidity which they can offer to the door structure in its closed condition, thus aiding sealing and security. These flat rod systems […]

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New lift-off 180° cabinet hinge by DIRAK

14 March 2020
Thumbnail image for New lift-off 180° cabinet hinge by DIRAK

Our new 180° opening, lift-off hinge from DIRAK offers a convenient and robust solution to the problem of how to comfortably lift-off a cabinet door for installation or maintenance. This new hinge, with steel frame component which matches a zinc-die door fixing element, easily slides into and out of engagement at a 30° opening angle, […]

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Pinet barrel bolts get the detail right

7 March 2020
Thumbnail image for Pinet barrel bolts get the detail right

Barrel bolts from Pinet offer a robust quality option for simple door and flap closure – these aluminium slide bolts are available with spring based location or without for fully manual operation. A range of three is carried ex-stock and for sale at our Online store. Share the post “Pinet barrel bolts get the detail […]

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Wide range of stainless steel hinges for specialist enclosure and cabinet building

28 February 2020
Thumbnail image for Wide range of stainless steel hinges for specialist enclosure and cabinet building

We are delighted that over many years we have accumulated a wide range of ex-stock stainless steel hinges to accommodate the many types of cabinet that may be demanded of  specialist builders for light industrial purposes – in offices or on a workshop or warehouse floor. These range from weld on bullet hinges and simple […]

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New DIRAK cabinet stainless steel IP65 L-handle

20 February 2020
Thumbnail image for New DIRAK cabinet stainless steel IP65 L-handle

A new enclosure handle in traditional L format is an unusual event, so this latest DIRAK offering from FDB Panel Fittings is to be welcomed as it brings the concept up to date by incorporating many features in one simple product. Easy and precise height adjustment of the latching cam enables correct fitment with square […]

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Stainless steel hardware – once a special now mainstream

15 February 2020
Thumbnail image for Stainless steel hardware – once a special now mainstream

The growth in availability of stainless steel hardware over recent years has allowed panel builders and installers to upgrade their specifications with more rugged components and with higher levels of IP sealing. Nowhere is this more true than with cabinet or enclosure handles such as those we carry in stock, which include specialist hygiene rated […]

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