RCD protection

FDB 11 enclosed RCD protection unit

Our FDB electrical protection family of RCD and RCBO devices runs from the Multiway FDB 2 modular panel through the FDB 11 at 230V for general purpose building renovation upgrade and maintenance projects to the and the FDB 13, FDB 15 and FDB 19 3 phase units for new build installations. Also in the family is the FDB 27 MOD spec unit for aircraft or army hangers new build and replacement installations.

These proven units are a convenient option for new or replacement installations offering long life and reliability – they are available from our Online store here.

General purpose overload/short circuit and DC immune protection from FDB Electrical

Our FDB11 is a general purpose RCD panel unit providing overload and short circuit protection for industrial, academic, institutional and corporate applications. Installation is quick and easy with the FDB11 housed in a sheet metal enclosure.

Three enclosure sizes of FDB11 are available, 10 to 32 amp, 40 to 63 amp and 80 to 100 amp, conforming to BS4293 and BSEN60898.

In addition the FDB11 has been developed for specialist use to protect against induced DC current which can otherwise cause nuisance tripping in AC equipment adjacent to high voltage DC lines on railways. This is important in nearby offices, retail outlets and café/restaurants for example. The FDB11 is approved by Network Rail for these situations.

For further information please see our Online store or contact us in Isleworth to discuss your needs.

Electrical protection units from FDB Electrical

The use of RCD electrical technology has become commonplace in all areas of building services where the safety and convenience of this type of protection is of great value – but RCDs and their “sister” MCBs often need to be housed in specialist enclosures which provide for the integration of a number of devices in a custom system. Here at FDB Electrical we have created  the FDB11 as a unit which installers can readily customise and which also provides for the use of multiple units in  a grid layout. The facilities offered by the FDB11 are especially of value in the industrial and institutional arenas where capacities of 40A to 63A  and up to 100A can be accomodated

  • General purpose RCD with overload and short circuit protection
  • Steel, surface mounting enclosure c/w knockouts (IP20)
  • Conforms to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB)
  • IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA

Contact our team for further details or view at our Online shop for simple purchase and delivery options.

FDB13 - 400V 3 phase DC immune protection from FDB ElectricalOur range of Electrical Protection devices is available at the Online store for easy reference and selection – this includes:

Enclosed units such as the FDB11 and FDB13 general purpose RCD housed units with overload and short circuit protection, also the FDB2 for multi-circuit protection in a single enclosure and the FDB21 for installations requiring interruptible RCD protection together with overload/short circuit protection.

FDB Electrical FDB19/STS provides ship to shore power for landing craftWhere external power is needed then we have the FDB27 ( also in MOD spec ) which provides protection for Ground Support Equipment – this range of earth leakage/earth monitoring devices was originally for for protection of personnel and plant in RAF/RNAS hangars but also has wider uses. Its sister the FDB27/M RCD Protection unit for Communications Vehicles is a range of special purpose RCD protection units for military communications vehicles with in-line filters.



FDB2 multi-way RCBO with DC immune protection

19 August 2016
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The FDB2 RCBO unit is a multi-way housed earth fault protection system which shares DC immune technology with its smaller sister unit the FDB11. FDB2 offers 2 way, 3 way and 4 way options as standard with approval by Network Rail for use in DC electrified areas where it provides general purpose earth leakage protection, […]

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FDB 13 series General Purpose RCDs with overload and short circuit protection

1 April 2016
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Our FDB13 series of wall mounting housed earth monitoring equipment units with RCDs and/or RCBOs provide general purpose overload and short circuit protection in 10A-32A as well as  40A-63A and 80A-100A ratings all available for our Online store. The FDB13 series features Aproved Network Rail DC Immune Protection within a steel, surface mounting enclosure c/w knockouts […]

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New FDB11 (10A – 32A) general purpose RCBO

8 January 2016
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Our new FDB11 (10 amp to 32 amp) is a general purpose RCBO with overload and short circuit protection, mounted in a steel, surface mounting enclosure c/w knockouts (IP20) it conforms to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB) for IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA. As part of the FDB11 series it is complimented by the FDB11 (40A – 63A) and […]

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FDB 12 industrial RCD/MCB

4 December 2015
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We are very proud of our enclosed protection units – such as the FDB12 industrial RCD/MCB – this range of single phase earth leakage protection units is suitable for 240V ( or 110V) supplies and comprises a choice of high or medium sensitivity RCD’s, featuring solid state electronic circuitry for stability and immunity from spurious tripping, […]

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Panel Mounting Components Online

10 September 2015
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The range of FDB Electrical panel mounting items available from our Online store includes RCDs, Earth Continuity Monitors and special purpose electrical protection devices compliant with BS4293 for specialist panel builders who want to build in high performance protection to their own panels –  they are available in AC and DC varients with Multi-range protection levels including pre-set and user […]

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Electrical Earth Monitoring and RCD protection in accordance with MOD specs

23 June 2015

Our FDB Electrical range of FDB27/M and FDB27 (MOD Spec) are designed to deal with the problems of providing power safely in out of the way places. These rugged protection units have until now generally only been available for military application but with the growth of private and commercial aerospace and the need for safe industrial […]

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